Friday, December 31, 2010

Million Dollar Question

Does my head look like a door knob to you?

Wake me up when the lady is gone...

Have a Safe and Happy New Year, from all of us!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hollie Days

Get it?
Hai...ok...that was bad...but let me tell you about my Christmas.  My first here in my new home.
Santa Paws came and I had my own stocking and everything!

I got my very own treats.
And my very own cat dancer toy!

I know I don't look very impressed but I really do like it!

Before Christmas, even, the lady gave me this other toy.  It's a paw-me-down, but the other's loss is my gain!  I like this toy even better than the cat dancer.
It has a really long and flexible handle plus a long leather line and a mousie-octopus-thingy on the end!  The lady likes it because she can sit on her bum relax and play with me and have me running all over the room.  I get some pretty big air when I'm playing too.  The lady isn't quick enough with the flashy box to catch me in action.  I'll make sure she gets some good pic-shers for next time...or maybe she can help me make a movie...yeah...


The lady is letting me and the other kitties see each other more.  The other day Minnie said some very un-ladycat like things to me.  That kind of made the lady nervous.  She exchanges the knitted blankie back and forth so we can all smell one another.  It's all pretty slow and I'm getting a little anxious to see more of the house!

Thanks so much for the reassurance about the flea.  I guess it was just a random incident and the lady says she hasn't seen any others and she hasn't put any stuff on us.  Whew!  I guess I'm safe.

I do have one other question, you have to put up with things like this at your house?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Toesday with Minnie

I almost had reluctant pawsies again today, it's still cold here...

but then mom got me to play...
Mom's got a thing for kitty paws.  So for those who asked, feel free to grab ahold, we're all used to it...

just watch out for the bitey!

(I didn't really bite my mom, I was chewin on the toy...honest!)

Have a great Toesday!

Monday, December 27, 2010


We had a nice, low-key Christmas here.  Santa brought us some treats and grass.

The best part, tho, was this whole package of "snakes" that we got!

Mom fixed me up this green snake...

a blue snake, and even a multi-colored wreath!

The wreath was my favorite!

I had and am still having fun whapping it all around the kitchen floor...

(Click here for a direct link to the movie)
edited to make changes to movie.

Have a fun week!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hollie's Happenings

Hai!  It's me again...Hollie...

Can you tell where I'm at...and what I'm doing...

The other day when the lady was sitting with me and playing with me I climbed on her!  Normally I just climb over her, but this time I stayed in her lap!  She gave me nice scritches and ear rubs.  I was so happy I started purring and making biscuits!
This is my serious biscuit-making face:

Everything is going nice here.  I'm not out yet with the other kitties here.  The lady tells me she is working out the logistics of how she is going to do that.  We've seen each other at the door when the lady goes in and out.  I'm getting to know Minnie a little bit.  We talk back and forth a bit at the door.

I have to tell you all something...I hope you don't feel bad towards day a week or so ago, when the lady was playing with me ::whispers:: a flea jumped on her!  I don't know how that could have happened!  The lady says there are no fleas in the house.  Well, I'm a ladycat through and through...not a flea bag!  I'm a little worried...whenever I have an itch now, the lady is combing me and combing me.  She says I don't show any signs of being a flea bag but gosh!  I like it here!  It had to have been a fluke.  I sure hope I haven't blown things!  Do you think I'm ok?

Ok..well...thanks for listening...I gotta go...bye for now!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Toesday with Minnie

It's cold and rainy here!  I'm keeping my toes curled up and to myself today.  Sorreh!

I'm not changin my mind...not even for ear rubs...
Oooh, that feels good...

Hope you have a warm and snuggly Toesday!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Make It Yerself Monday

Yow!  I think I mentioned before that I love rubber bands.  Well, mom knows they aren't good for me and doesn't let me play with them - she can't even leave any laying about cause I'll find them!  Mom has this special yellow one that she wears on her wrist, and I try to chew it off, I want it so badly!

What I was playing with in the movie we posted yesterday was a cardboard ring.  I guess it had seen better days!  It's almost as fun as a rubber band.

Here's how you can make yer own.
You'll need a cardboard roll, and scissors.  Have your folks help you to cut a ring off the end of the cardboard roll.  You can make it as wide or as thin as you like.

Instant low-tech-almost-a-rubber-band toy!

They're fun to whap all across the floor.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our Easy Sunday

Yello!  It's me...Minnie!  We are havin a wet and stormy weekend here.  We are mostly nappin and snugglin and stayin warm, tho I'm also enjoying watchin the leaves and rain and birds inbetween.

There are a lot of robins in our neighborhood now.  That tree in the pic-sher is an ornamental pear.  It doesn't make fruit that is good for people to eat, but it does make some cherry-sized pears that birds like!  There are a lot of these trees in our neighborhood too, so the robins are here.

They don't come into our back yard because a mockingbird has all ready staked his claim.  Once our pear tree and pyracantha bushes established, this fella moved in.  He flies around and chases other birds out of our yard!

This is the mockingbird at the top of our pear tree (hmmm...I'm reminded of a song...):

In other news, we ended up havin to get a new compooter.  This one has some different programs we're not used to.  We were messin with the movie maker, just to see what it would do, and came up with this one with Pip:

Editted to add a direct link for the movie here.
Hope you're havin an Easy Sunday!

Friday, December 17, 2010

More Thankful Thursday on Friday

Mom had the winning bid in Derry's auction for a bracelet made and donated by Amy, from The House of Cats.  She sent us some special surprises along with the bracelet.  Too sweet!
Mom loves the bracelet.

Wriggley: just look at all of these great doggy cat toys!
Thanks Amy!  And Lola, Stella, Kirzon, Vigil, Barney, and Gus too!

I'm outta here!
Hey, wait a sec, those are for us!
Wriggley was being a, so in protest, we wouldn't take any pic-shers.
Hollie wasn't amused either:
Lady, there is dog slobber on my cat toy...

Mom took a video of our doggy bro being a goob:

Have a fun weekend, efurryone!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baker's Secret

Oh, hai!
Do you mind?  I need a little privacy...
I'm making biscuits...
But I has a secret recipe...

Oh, ok...I'll show you:

Ok...well...I gotta get back to it...
Bye for now!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Toesday with Minnie

Yow!  Is it Toesday all ready!?!  Here you go...
Wait, this one's not so glaringly bright...
Have a great Toesday, efurryone!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Yow!  We got mail the other day.  Our dear furriends Raymond and Busby and their moms sent us a little care package, to welcome Hollie and thank us for taking her in.  And they even thought of our doggy bro, Wriggley!  Is that just pawsome, or what!?!
Check this out - look at these fun toys!  Oooo! And the nip!  Yow!

Mom took the box for Hollie to see too. 

Hai!  Wow, will you look at these toys!  And this beautiful blankie...for me!  Raymond and Busby's non-blog Mom made it.
Isn't it just fantastic?!  And so soft on the paws...
Oh, and the nip, the nip!!  The lady let me have a little nip-fest.  See...

(Here's a direct link)

We all got to have a nip-fest even!
Mom made a movie when the box first came cause the flashy box wasn't working.  You can see Wriggley's present.  Actually, he thought all of the toys were for him and he especially liked this little 'possum cat toy.  We let him keep it since he slobbered all over it...

(Click here for a direct link)

Thank you so much, Raymond and Busby, and to your moms!

Have a fun weekend, efurryone!