Friday, March 25, 2011

How'd I do that?

Mom came home tonight and noticed in my room that the foot rest thingy had been moved.
See the carpet holes where it always is?

She asked me how I moved it..., I didn't.  Remember this morning you kicked me out of my room so you could do some work stuff, and you were the one who moved it?  AND you made us wait for our breakfast until after you were done with your work stuff!?!

I think our mom is losing it...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Answer

Does this help?
Hee hee!

It's me, Minnie!

I couldn't fool you guys!

Did you see the pawsome box I was in?  It came in the mail just for us!
there's even shreddin papers an everything.

Hurry up Pip, I want a turn again...leave some paper for me to shred!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Toesday with Minnie

Today I have a guest-paw edition!
Who's that paw?

It's Hollie's dainty pawsies, in all their orinjness.

Guess what - even her paw pads are orinj!  ok, maybe pink...
She would not cooperate with the pawpawrazzi (mol!), so this is the best I can do to show you...
hee hee!

Have a great Toesday!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


A couple of weeks ago I offered some decorating tips on fringing a blankie.

My furriends at the Katnip Lounge commented that they do holes in theirs.  Well, I thought this was somthing that I must try for myself.

What do you think?

My personal favorite, and quite frankly I must say this is genius...are you ready...

I call that "Hole with Fringe."  Stylish, don't you think?

Well, if you don't mind, I have a lot of work left to do to finish this blankie.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Game Night

Hai!  Um...It's Hollie again...The lady here said I could have a game night.  Check this out.  It's called Dog Cat Casino!

The Treat Dealer Lady puts noms in these little drawers...

And you have to figure out where they are!  Sometimes the Dealer Lady can be tricky and not put the fud in all of the drawers!  But don't worry, she's pretty nice to the beginners.  Here's a movie of me playing.

Here's a direct link just in case.  It's kinda long but you can see how the Dealer Lady starts off easy and then makes it harder as I get the hang of it.

Or if you prefer cards, we can play Go Fish...

And I even have a Roulette wheel, for the really adventurous!

Vegas, eat out your heart!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not Me!

Mom wasn't too happy the other night when she happened to notice our scratchy tree...

She seemed to think that I had something to do with this.  It looked to her like more than scratchy damage and I've been known to nom on carpet.  I ask you, is this the face of such a kitty?


Mom also didn't appreciate having to do an emergency sissal repair at nine o'clock at night.  And then to have to get the sucky monster out to clean up (we all could have done without that bit)

Well, it was tough on me too, snoopervising an all.

The tree had a whole new perspective lying on the ground.  It was like having something all new to play on.

I don't know what mom was whining so much about.  She got efurrything done quick like and I made the final inspections.

Good as new!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pip's Tips

Today, furriends, I have a decorating tip for all of you.

Let me tell you about fringing.

This is about adding a decorative fringe to the edges of an otherwise boring blankie.

Can you see the difference here, where I added the fringe?

All it takes is a bit of nomming plus just the right amount of kitty spit, and you too can fringe your own blankie.  I like the look best for fleece but I'm sure other fabrics would look as nice.

Don't let your pawrents see you doing this, they won't appreciate your sense of style.  But they'll like the look when it's done.

Try it!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

What If... and Thankful Thursday

Today is What If Cats and Dogs Had Thumbs Day.

Smidgen is practicing growing a thumb:

::sigh::  If only.  Why, if we had thumbs, we'd sure show our mom a thing or two with this blogging thing.  We could have the fish store on the telephone speed dial.  Wait, do we have a fish store here?  No can of stinky goodness would be left unopened.  And that's just for starters!  What would you want to do if you had thumbs?

While you're thinkin and dreamin, let us tell you about our Thankful Thursday.  We are thankful for our furriends Kassey and her Mom and the Furry Dance Cornish Rex Cats of Curls and Swirlz for giving us the Stylish Blogger Award.  We are really touched and honoured!

Furst we need to thank the furriends that gave us this award: thank you very much Kassey and your Mom, and Teri and the cats of Curls and Swirlz!  Now we need to tell you all 7 things about us you may not know.  This is tough but here goes...

Minnie: I don't care to make biscuits.  I'll flex my paws a little but other than that, I have no culinary ambitions.
Mom also calls me a quintessential cat cause she says I'm an instigator, trouble maker, and general mischief maker...I don't know what she is talking about!

Pip: I'm a licky cat.  Sometimes I'll climb on mom's shoulders and lick her head.  Or if I'm sitting in her lap I'll lick her hand and arm.  I've almost licked raw spots on her, mol!

Smidgen: I used to have a long tail but a couple of years ago I had an accident and it had to be amputated.  I had a beautiful long tail but now I have a cute little nubbin.  Even so, my little nubbin tail is very expressive :-).

I also like to head-butt and I'll rear up on my hind legs to hit mom's hand when she puts it out to pet me.

Hollie: I *heart* toona and the lady broke her no fish-type fud rule just for me!

And finally, we are lap cats but only on our own terms.  If mom picks us up to hold us or put us on her lap, we won't stay!

We're supposed to pass this award along to 7 other blogs but honestly we think all of our furriends have stylish blogs and deserve this award!  We know many have all ready received it, though if any cat hasn't and would like, please accept this award from us, copy the award pic-sher to your own bloggie and share 7 things about yourself!

Thankyou furriends!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Toesday with Minnie

What in the world?!?

MOL!  Did I fool ya?  That's Wriggley's paw!

Ok, here are my dainty pawsies

So I got in trouble on Sunday.  As I was relaxing on mom (she was layin on the floor), Smidgie came along and tried to take she did to Pip.  But I wasn't havin any of it and I smack-pawed her, with my clawrs an everything!  I made her cry and even got Pip floofed the point where she was ready to start a fight with Smidgen too!

I was banished from mom's lap for the rest of the day!

Then yesterday I got in a bit of trouble for tryin to eat this fish...
can you see where I nommed on the tail?
(the other cracks are from when I broke it a long time ago...ahem...but that was partly mom's needs to do some better cleanin too...)

I'm not having a good week...