Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thoughts on Thursday...

I got my name cause when mom found me I was just a wee little kitten.
A Smidgen!

But I've been thinking... Just how big - or small - is a Smidgen, really?

Then I got this special measuring kit.

See, one of the spoons is specially designed to measure a Smidgen!  Me!

hmmm....  I didn't think I was so small...

Maybe there's something wrong with my measuring kit?

What do you think?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Toesday with Minnie

Today is kind of a bonus tails and toes day!
I'm enjoyin the view out the window...spyin for lizards and birds an all.

So yesterday morning when mom was cleanin our facilities, I heard her laughin and laughin.  What could be so funny about cleaning up after us?  You may think this kind of yucky but she has this thing about inspecting our, er, No. 2's.  She says she can tell a lot about our health by what our, um, poops, look like (she does this to Wriggley's too!)  Anyway, she said mine somecat's was full of barley!  Hee hee!  That was what I...I mean... somecat got into on Sunday!

Mom fussed over me for a bit in the afternoon, just to make sure my tummy felt ok.  Oh, I was fine but I still milked it for all I could.  Hee hee!
I'm feelin great!  Ready to cause more trouble help mom out around here!
Have a great Toesday, efurryone!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Apparently mine is "bad".  Or rather, "trouble maker".

I ask you, is this the face of a trouble makin kitty?
Mom took Wriggley out for a run this morning and when she got back, she found this:

So mom immediately looked at me.  Something about this being my M.O.

Not to go against the kitty code and point the paw, but I wasn't the only cat out and about.

Now iffen it was me...
Not that I'm admittin to anything...but see, mom has a bad habit of leavin the nonperishable groceries by the door like that, and those had been there since Friday!  Friday!
Consider it a friendly reminder for her to put them away.  So I was really helpin out!  Mom should be thankin me, maybe even giving me some extra treats.
Why, what would she do without me?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mischief, Thy Name is Minnie

Ok, so mom came up with that post title...
I don't get it...

Oh!  You mean like I'm up to something now?
Well,'s like this...

When mom is off in another part of the house, I sometimes need to check up on know...make sure she's ok an all.

I've found that I can grab this part of the window blinds and whap it against the wall.  Mom hears that and she comes running!
This way I don't have to waste time worry and wander around the house looking for her!

oooo!  say, this is fun to put the bitey on!

Ok, you got me...maybe just that once I was causing a little mischief...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Toesday with...Smidgen!

It's me!  Smidgen!
I'm just hangin with my Teddy Bear buddy.
Remember him?
Well, now that it's (mostly) getting warmer here, I'm back to nappin with my bear-bud.
Hope you are able to enjoy a nice Toesday with a special friend, too!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Uneasy Caturday Night

Is the coast clear?

We don't have the big flashy-boomies on the Fourth of July here where we live.
Instead, we have have them on the first Caturday in June, as part of the town's Pioneer Day celebration.  Tonight!

We all made ourselves scarce at the first boom.  Get this tho, mom abandons us and goes outside to watch!
In years past they've set them off on the other side of town but since our town is pretty small, there's a good view from our house.  This year they changed the venue and used the empty fields practically right behind our house!  Oh, it was all soooo loud!

Mom came in the house a couple of times during the noise to make sure Wriggley was ok.  Us kitties were no where to be found.  And afterwards mom had to look high and low for us.

Wait... a little higher...
Here I am!  Is it safe?

Pip and Hollie were each ok in their rooms.  I had mom worried cause she didn't know where I was hiding.  Finally she peeked under the sofa and found me!  Then I knew it was ok to come out.

Whew!  Made it through another year of this.  Can we go to bed now?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fruit Cat

Um, hai.  Yeah, it's me, Hollie, again.

So...what do you think?
Am I an orinj...

or a peach...

How about this:
orinj on the left...or peach on the right.

I'm kind of like a mood cat, don't ya think?