Sunday, August 31, 2014

Easy Sunday

on the catio!

Hang's this?
Much better!
We are enjoying being able to go outside and get a bit of fresh air.  Mom is surprised that we aren't out here more than we are or that we aren't hollering to get out when the door is closed.
Mom did a bit of tweaking to our enclosure.  She added extra paving stones where it was hanging over the concrete.
Plus she made us a bench that we mostly ignore along with the rustic scratchy log.
For the most part, just me and Minnie are out here.  Pip has had a chance to explore a bit, but Hollie doesn't want to set paw outside!
um...that's ok...I'm fine inside...
Minnie seems to think, though, that since we can go out the catio door, that it means we can go out all of the doors now.  So she has been trying to exscape out the front door!  Mom says it doesn't work that way.

What?  Can't blame a cat for tryin!
Have a great Easy Sunday, everybuddy!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Talk about getting fooled...

Woo hoo!
Check out this fun toy chain we got!
Oh, boy!  This is gonna be all kinds of fun!
Wait, what's that mom?
You say it's a toy chain?
er... didn't I just say that?
And it's not for us?
(no caption needed...)
So why did we just put that caption?
Somebuddy has too many stuffies!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Toesday with Minnie

It's me...Minnie!
We're waiting for the programs to start on the Shmousie Channel.  Lately there have been quite a few shows on.  Even our mom likes to watch!
Remember our mom putting food and such outside of Mousies house?  Well, she still does fact, the last time she went shopping for our foods, she brought home special treats for hamster and guinea pig type animals, just for this shmousie!
The little fella did not like the vegetable type foods mom left for him, though he does seem to like the special seed treats.  Not to mention the bird seed crumbs he has at paw.
What's say we settle in and get comfy...
The program could start any minute now!
Hope you're havin an exciting Toesday!