Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Toesday with Minnie...???

Aww, it's me...Wriggley!  I don't guess I had anybuddy fooled.
Our kitty friends over at the Lounge wanted to see me in my track shoes so Minnie said I could post today.

If you don't mind if I break from Toesday tradition...this is what I really think of wearing these shoes...

Then our friends Marley, Ayla, and Iza wondered what we did with the red cone that they noticed in a Wordless Wednesday picture.
Since the cones are mostly mine, I thought I'd tackle that question too.
Do you see Minnie back there?
She is snoopervising, making sure I do a good job on this post.
I have a few of these and mom will sometimes set them up and we do heeling patterns.  This one is kept handy so we can play target games.  Mom will set it out and tell me to target, and I'll run over and bring it back touch it with my nose.
 Well, I know nobuddy asked about the ring toys, but I'm going to tell you about them anyway.  Mom gets some crazy ideas for things to teach me and this was one of them.
A direct link is here.
Ok...maybe I was just showing off there...
How'd I do, Minnie?
Have a great Toesday, everybuddy!

Monday, July 28, 2014

This isn't what you think

hai...yeah...it's me, Hollie.
You might think I'm hiding again,
but I'm not...
I'm playing keep-away...
From the Kirbymonster!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Easy Sunday

Hey, everybuddy!
My kitty sisters are busy napping or watching TV out the big screen windows.
I thought I'd give another pupdate on how I'm doing.

I ended up getting my traction shoes the same day as my harness so mom made an appointment for me to see the doc on the following Monday, which was last week.
Mom suited me all up to get me to the doc's office.  I only wore three of the shoes, bol!  I have an ouchie on my lucky paw and I wouldn't let mom put the shoe on that paw.  We drove in mom's work truck.  I use a ramp to get in and out of it and I didn't have any trouble "walking the plank."  Everybuddy at the doctor's office was impressed with my gear, bol!  and my three shoes :)
For this appointment we were seeing my usual doctor.  She was happy with how well I had come in a week's time.  She gave mom some options on things to try, like herbal remedies, if my recovering seems to stagnate.  Then I got an "adjustment".  The doc had this funny tool that punched or zapped me along my spine.  I wasn't so sure about it at the time but afterward my back felt pretty good.

Since last week I have been taking mom on our usual walking route, and weekend mornings we go for longer walkies and playtime.  It is still awkward for me to turn around sometimes and I still lose my balance if I'm moving or turning to fast.  Here's a movie of me playing this morning, so you can see how I'm moving now.  Mom thinks that if you didn't know me or that I had vestibular disease, you proly wouldn't think there was anything wrong with me.
 Not bad, huh?
   Mom always has me fetching up that little hill.  She says it is good for my bum muscles, bol!  Oh, and I always run out to the bumper and then just walk back, bol!  Hey, I am thirteen, remember?
I worried mom a bit today on our walk, though, before this movie was taken.  I sort of had a couple of wonky episodes when we were walking around the field.  It was just that I had a thorn in my paw and I couldn't keep my balance limping.  Then on our way home, we were just a couple of houses down from ours, I fell.  I was walking a bit behind mom so she didn't see what happened.  She thinks I've been a bit "off" since.  But really, I don't feel so bad as to say no to a cookie...

and even a carrot...
So mom might be talking to the doc again about those herbs.  In the meantime, we're gonna enjoy our Easy Sunday and hope you do too!
Thanks, everybuddy!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fractured Fryday Hairy Tails

It was a while ago now that we got this pawsome gigantic box in the mail.
The box was full of interesting sniffs and Wriggley and I inspected it carefully.
We opened this box only to find another smaller box.
I inspected this one by myself.
Well, when I opened the box I was startled to find...
Okay, besides these nommy looking treats...
A Cat!
An orinj tabby cat!
I looked at the packing list and it said her name was Hollie.
We couldn't send her back because the fine print on the packing list said all sales were final!
So she's been here ever since.
hee hee!
Check out Murphy and Stanley's blog for more info on FFHT!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Toesday with Minnie

It's me an my pawsies again!
hee hee!

Today is a special Toesday post on account of our new friends Carmine, Milita, and Jewel at Fur Everywhere gave us an award!

It's the Shine On Award!
Isn't it pawsome?  Thanks so much to Carmine, Milita, and Jewel, and their mom :)

Ok, there are some rules we have to follow...

1. to thank the blogger that nominated you - check!
2: link back to their bloggie - see above - check!
3: share 7 random facts about you - see below
and finally, 4: nominate 15 other blogs.

Okay, here we go with our random facts.

1. Well, it might surprise you to know that I am not a trouble maker.  Just because all of our blog posts tagged with 'trouble making' coincidentally are also tagged with 'Minnie' doesn't mean a thing.  I mean, that is circumstantial evidence at best!  And if you believe that, I have a bridge I'll sell you in San Francisco...

2. When I was a kitten, mom was supervising some outside time for me.  A vulture flew over me kind of low and I poofed out and ran back into the house!

Hollie's dainty pawsies

3. Pip and Smidgen are big time droolers when they purr.  Hollie says she doesn't drool when she is making biscuits, that the kitty spit is her secret ingredient.  Woops!  I guess the secret is out now, heh heh...

Pip's pawsies with a whisker photobomb

4. You know those pictures of Pip with her face in a coffee mug?  Well, she really is drinking coffee.  She takes it black, in case you are wonderin.

5. Pip will lick mom's toothbrush...and mom knows this...but still uses it.  hee hee!

6. Our mom is one of those persons who can't carry a tune if it had a handle, but Smidgen likes it when she sings or reads out loud and will go purr (and drool) crazy.

Smidgie's rear pawsies

7. None of us have ever had bacon!!!!


Me and my pawsies need to relax now!
ok...now for the hard part...nominating who to pass the award on to.
Well, we know a lot of folks have all ready gotten it.  If you are visiting us today and you don't have this award, we want to share it with YOU!
Thanks again to the Fur Everywhere kittehs!
Have a great Toesday, everybuddy!