Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Toesday with Minnie

It's me an my pawsies again!
hee hee!

Today is a special Toesday post on account of our new friends Carmine, Milita, and Jewel at Fur Everywhere gave us an award!

It's the Shine On Award!
Isn't it pawsome?  Thanks so much to Carmine, Milita, and Jewel, and their mom :)

Ok, there are some rules we have to follow...

1. to thank the blogger that nominated you - check!
2: link back to their bloggie - see above - check!
3: share 7 random facts about you - see below
and finally, 4: nominate 15 other blogs.

Okay, here we go with our random facts.

1. Well, it might surprise you to know that I am not a trouble maker.  Just because all of our blog posts tagged with 'trouble making' coincidentally are also tagged with 'Minnie' doesn't mean a thing.  I mean, that is circumstantial evidence at best!  And if you believe that, I have a bridge I'll sell you in San Francisco...

2. When I was a kitten, mom was supervising some outside time for me.  A vulture flew over me kind of low and I poofed out and ran back into the house!

Hollie's dainty pawsies

3. Pip and Smidgen are big time droolers when they purr.  Hollie says she doesn't drool when she is making biscuits, that the kitty spit is her secret ingredient.  Woops!  I guess the secret is out now, heh heh...

Pip's pawsies with a whisker photobomb

4. You know those pictures of Pip with her face in a coffee mug?  Well, she really is drinking coffee.  She takes it black, in case you are wonderin.

5. Pip will lick mom's toothbrush...and mom knows this...but still uses it.  hee hee!

6. Our mom is one of those persons who can't carry a tune if it had a handle, but Smidgen likes it when she sings or reads out loud and will go purr (and drool) crazy.

Smidgie's rear pawsies

7. None of us have ever had bacon!!!!


Me and my pawsies need to relax now!
ok...now for the hard part...nominating who to pass the award on to.
Well, we know a lot of folks have all ready gotten it.  If you are visiting us today and you don't have this award, we want to share it with YOU!
Thanks again to the Fur Everywhere kittehs!
Have a great Toesday, everybuddy!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Easy Sunday

We enjoyed an unusually cool July Easy Sunday today.  We even got a few sprinkles of rain.  We've also been getting more programs on the Mouse Channel.

Mom figured out that the shmousie has burrowed into the planter pot on the patio.  She feels bad when she goes to water the plants now, mol!  Mom put a clump of bird seed from one of those seed bells near the shmousie's front door.

woo hoo!

He came out to get the seed and tried to take it inside...


Mol!  Mom felt bad so she broke the big clump into smaller ones.
And she even left some vegies...

The shmouse has taken some of the seed pieces inside his burrow.
We don't know if he'll like the little tomato, squash, or bell pepper.
We ended up getting some early evening sunbeams...
Then dinner and time for more relaxing...

And now I'm ready for a break from the pawparazzi...

Hope everybuddy had a nice Easy Sunday!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

What was that all about?

hai!  It's me...Hollie!

No, wait!  I'm really here...

Now do you see me?
I figgered everybuddy might be wondering what all of my hiding is about.
Well, the cat trees are a good spot for dodging the pawparazzi.
But I'm hiding behind this fan for another reason.
It seems that there is a strange and unidentified light that invades our house.  It comes in through the window in this room and near this fan.  It is the pawfect place for me to hide and try to catch it!

Sometimes it will be on the wall and sometimes the floor.  It moves back and forth in a tricky fashion, and even hides under things!

See what I mean?

I usually see this light sneaking around in the evenings.  I hurry to eat my dinners and sometimes I have to holler at the lady to let me out of my room and then I'm on guard.  If I don't get here in time to try to catch it, why, who knows what trouble it can cause!

ok...sure...I haven't caught it yet and we're all still here...
there it is on the wall!

I gotta go!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thankful Thursday

with Wriggley.

I hope you don't mind seeing me again.
I wanted to give everybuddy a pupdate and say thanks again for the purrs, prayers, and well-wishes.
They are working!
Remember the movie in my post on Monday?  Well, that was me on Sunday.
Now look at me!
Since Tuesday, mom has been walking me down the streets a few houses to a common grassy area for me to do my business.  We go twice in the mornings and sometimes later in the day if the sidewalk isn't too hot.  Tuesday night we walked about a quarter of a mile and last night we did a whole half of a mile!  I am pretty steady if I don't walk too fast.  Sometimes I stumble on curbs, and mom has to steady me still when I go potty.  ahem!  But I can balance on three legs now to leave pee mails!  BOL!  I just can't leave my messages very high up on things...  Turning around is sometimes still awkward for me too. 
Oh, check out what came in the mail today.
It's the special lifting harness mom got for me.
It's a pretty cool harness.  I'm not sure about the back part of it...it's pretty close to some, er, sensitive areas.  At least it does not get in the way of any, um...activities.
I'm not so sure about the whole lifting bit either...
oh well.
Mom  says once we get the special traction shoes she ordered for me, she'll take me back to the doc's for a check up.  Something about getting me there with her back in one piece...I'm not sure what that is about...
Thanks again, everybuddy!
...how about some soccer!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Toesday with Minnie

the We Are Blogville edition.
It's me, Minnie...er...well, my pawsies at least...and maybe a little bit of my nose.
We are joining our furiends Murphy and Stanley in their We Are Blogville blog hop!
So besides me here at Fraidy Cat Central, there is Smidgen...
And Pip, the oldest of us kitties...
Now the three of us are the original Fraidy Cats.  We were former ferals that our mom took in.
We learned from blogging friends when Hollie was in need of a new home.  Her previous family didn't live too far from us and since we had the room, we took her in...
Then there is our doggy bro, Wriggley.  He is our go-to pup for special occasions where any special posing or dress-up might be required.  Now I have to break from Toesday tradition and post a pic-sher of all of him...so just concentrate on his pawsies...ok?
We all live in Northern California, north of Sacramento, in the Sacramento Valley.  Our town is pretty small and very agriculture oriented.  We do live in a residential neighborhood, but there are a lot of rice fields, tomato fields, and a'mond orchards around us.
We love Blogville!
The friends we've made.
The support we've received and been able to give.
And the fun we have everyday visiting and sharing with everybuddy.
Blogville Rocks!
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great Toesday, everybuddy!

Monday, July 14, 2014

I still got game!

Woofs, everybuddy!
Gosh, thanks for the get well wishes.  They mean a lot to me and my mom.
You know, she is not letting me lie around and feel sorry for myself.  Since I am adjusting and getting around a bit better since this all started on Caturday, mom is making sure to get me up and have me move about.  We even walk around in the front yard.  And this morning I went with mom to the mail box (it is just one house down from ours).
I have not lost my positive Labra-tude!
I'm even up for a low key game of fetch.
Well, almost.  BOL!  Ok, maybe I was a little bit movie-box shy there.  After mom turned it off I did play some more.  Sometimes I forget myself and move a bit too fast in my excitement and then I lose my balance.  I am usually wearing a harness outside and mom will help steady me especially when we are walking.
This whole situation really brought home to her about being able to move me when I can't move.  She was using a towel sling on my rear end but it was hard for her to hold up my rear and help me out with my front end at the same time.  I tend to shut down and not want to do anything when anybuddy starts "man-handling" me.  Mom ordered me a special lifting harness and some traction booties.  We'll see how that goes when it all comes, bol.
Well, If you'll excuse me...
I'm gonna see if I can't work mom over for a cookie...
nom, nom, nom