Friday, April 17, 2020

Still feral on Friday

It's Tortoiseshell Cat Appreciation Day today, so we thought it was the purrfect opportunity to introduce our feral family...

Meet Mama Kitty!


Isn't she beautiful?!

And then there is Number 3!

The picture does not do her gorgeous golden eyes justice.
These are two very different tortie girls.  Mama Kitty has the 'tude and Number 3 is a little princess.  tee hee!

Still Mama Kitty is sweet in her own way.  Number 3 likes to talk and she especially has a lot to say if she thinks our mom is not going to feed her.

Not a tortie, but Orange Boy completes the trio.

 They live in the equipment yard at one of our mom's work sites.
Thanks for letting us share about them.

Have a great weekend, everybuddy!

edited to fix pictures.  Stoopid blogger


  1. What good looking cats! We bet they’re related.

  2. Love the double dose with Mama & #3, and even odd man out Orange boy joining in makes for a splendid photo op. Y'all stay safe and enjoy the weekend.

  3. They are gorgeous and they sure look healthy and happy!

  4. Aww thanks for sharing your feral family! They are all so adorable!

  5. We love Mama Kitty, Number 3, and Orange Boy. Bless your mom for taking care of them. :)

  6. We actally had ONE introoder cat chase ANOTHER introoder cat out of our yard today. We were hissing an growling. TBT wouldn't let me out to chase THAT one. Well, he DID it himself, which was respectable. ~ MARLEY

  7. Thanks for sharing these good looking cats and we love Tortoiseshell Cat Appreciation Day and these photos. Have a fantastic rest of your day.
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