Monday, February 4, 2019

Mancat Monday

This is Ditto.

I'm just helpin Momma with her codeword puzzle.

It's a good thing too.  At first, she thought "y" should be for the number 18.

I had to set her straight.

tee hee!
oh, and Momma?  The number 8 is supposed to be "p"

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Toesday Thursday

This is Ditto...

here with Sharpie's pawsies.  Tee hee!


This was us takin it easy on Christmas.  We may have been in shock that Sandy Clawrs came to our house.  We got two different goodie boxes filled with lots of, well, goodies!  There were a lot of nom-tastic er...noms...something for each of us here (which is no easy feat since some of us have dietary challenges) plus enough to share with our feral family and there is still some left!

We even had a bonus of real live canned sardines added to our Christmas dinner.

I guess we were all good kitties after all.

It is a relief now, tho, that the pressure is off...

You know, so we can relax and things can get back to business as usual. 

tee hee!

Monday, December 24, 2018

Mancat Christmas Eve Monday


Ditto and I were helping Momma this morning with her codeword puzzle.

You know, being the sweet and helpful kitties that we are all year long.

There is only one more sleep until Christmas!  We get to put the last ornament on our advent tree and then tomorrow we put the star at the tippy top.

It is a bit cold and cloudy here today.  Momma is going to go check on our feral family and then brave the store to get her Christmas pizza dinner.  tee hee!  I think I'm just gonna take it easy here.

Momma says that is a pretty good idea.

I'm not sure what she is getting at...

Saturday, December 22, 2018


No, no...not what you might be thinking...we haven't moved or anything.

See, the lady has been eyeing this corner and Wriggley's old crate our super-duper huge-o-deluxe kitty condo and thinking she could use the space for her junk.  Oh sure, she said she would set up the smaller, just-sort-of-deluxe condo that was Lilly's when she first came here.

Of course, I couldn't have that so I had to step up the game.

See, you can't give us something smaller...there is barely room in here for the two of us!

Unfortunately I couldn't convince her.  She had her mind set on a bookshelf for the space and we'd just have to make do with the smaller set up.

Wow, that is gonna be small!

The lady put together her shelf.
Everybuddy else seemed to like it all ok.


I'm not so impressed.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Black CAT Friday

Sharpie here, in honor of Black Cat Friday.

Erm...I'm not so used to wearing a bandana.
Not to mention this one is a little big.

I did a some tweaking on one of Wriggley's.

tee hee!

::cough cough::


Er, no offense to my other kitty pals out there...