Monday, April 25, 2011

Do You Chew?

I don't suppose it's a surprise to anycat that I like to chew on stuff.

Mom thinks I'm a little OCD as evidenced by some of my toys...

Not to mention some of the other odd things I chew on, like pencils...but I said not to mention those.

I really get into the chewing'd think I was teething or something.  That's what mom is wondering, maybe my teef hurt.  I'm not saying anything cause I don't really want to go to the ::whispers:: V-E-T.  The last time I had my teef cleaned I came back with some missing!  Something about mild stomatitis?  Whatever.

Mom brought me some brand new things to chew on.

This catnippy swizzle stick looks like fun...

So, I have to ask.  Are any of you kitties out there avid chewers?

Or do you think there is a (gasp) V-E-T appointment in my future?


  1. Even if we didn't chew, we'd fib and say we did! Anything to avoid the Ebil Vet.

    BUT, some of us LOVE to chew, especially Scouty. He can and does destroy toys with the greatest of ease.

  2. My Mom didn't buy some stuffs for me to chew. But in general, I love to chew grass and my mom dressing gown ..heh..heh


  3. We like to chew stuff too. Milo likes chewing books!

    Love Alfie xx

  4. I like to chew my foam bouncy balls.

  5. My Goro loves chewing off strings. I think many kitties chew and there seem to be various reasons why they do. I will be worried if their chewing becomes too obsessive or if they chew on dangerous things like electrical cords. I think chewing toys are good idea, keeping Pip away from cords or wires! But you can not be too careful, so going to the vet is definitely an option...(sorry, Pip!!)

  6. Casper is a compulsive chewer, he has been through so many lamp and computer cables I'm truly surprised he hasn't had a shock!!! We encase the cables in thick clear tubing but sometimes even that doesn't stop him.

  7. Marley an me are dedicated chewers. We both like box flaps and newspaper. An for my own part, half of my knitted squiggles have no heads left of them! I like ta chew cardboard egg cartons too!

    I have a shoebox of gnawed-up mousies I should post about sometime...