Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Toesday with Minnie

Mom has this thing she does with Wriggley where she will put this close to his pawsies, make some funny clicker noise, and give him a kibble-treat.

Hmmm...something's not right.  My pawsies are close an all but I don't here any funny clicker noise...and there isn't any kibble treat!

Did you know that we kitties here are actually kibble-deprived?  It's cruelty, I tell you!  Mom is even pretty stingy on the treats for us...

I suppose it doesn't help that the other day after dinner when mom gave me a treat, I proceeded to projectile-vomit my meal...

It's a good thing Wriggley is messy especially when it comes to eating a cookie and I'm sure to find a crumb or two.

Hope you have a treat-filled Toesday!


  1. Sounds to me like you are getting gypped, Minnie, projectile vomiting or no.

  2. Who knew that vomiting is not a precursor to treats - LOL!!!

  3. Whoa, that thing looks scary! Vomitting made more room for the treats!

  4. Oh no...but the toesies are impressive!

  5. You can sneak over here, Minnie...we'll give you some treats!!

  6. Sorry to hear about that projectile vomit thing.
    I love having my nails done - and my snow shoes trimmed. Zim ... not so much!

  7. Well we thinks them toesies of yours are simply spectacular and very kibble-worthy Minnie!

  8. We couldnt figure out what that grindy machine was for at first. Til ya mentioned big woofie claws...