Sunday, May 6, 2012

Easy Sunday Update

I just let mom know an introoder kitty was in our yard.

I was calmer than usual about the whole situation.  This introoder was strolling down our walk, but he wasn't in my planter area near my window!

Remember the mine field I had mom install?

I think it's working!
Now I'm going to have mom set up another one where the kitties seem to be accessing our porch and front walk.  These are called Cat Scat Mats and mom found them here; look in the "Outdoor Living" section if you're interested.

And now, without further ado, I'm going to get on with my Easy Sunday.

Have a good one, furriends!


  1. I agree, just nap right through the introoder alert!

  2. It looks to me that your human is doing some good work at keeping your territory intruder free!

  3. How dare some introoder kitty try to come in your yard! That is smart of your mom to keep the introoder out. We'll hafta check out those scat mats since we get introoders here too.

  4. I agree! That was very smart of your Mom!

  5. Yer mom should have gone yelling outside at the introoder and chases it away!

  6. Your mom makes sure you don't get too much stress...glad the introoder did not come close and upset you. I hope you enjoyed easy Sunday and have a great week ahead!