Monday, September 24, 2012

Marketplace Monday: how to be seen

We're joining Roo's Marketplace Monday Blog Hop!***
It always seems that I have to walk my mom at night.  Early evenings in the summertime are too hot and buggy, then the days are just too short in the winter.  Since I'm a black Lab, mom wants us to be safe and seen.
Check out this add we found...
The collar slips on over your head and turns on based on the collar's orientation (it isn't meant to be used for a leash attachment).  It's 100% waterproof, and if you check out the website, you'll see some videos of pups playing in the water with these collars.  They say it has "superior visibility at night or in low-light situations."  There are also a lot of color choices, for the fashion concious :).
Mind you, this does cost a fair few green papers and mom hasn't gotten us one yet.  We're just sharing what we think is a cool, quality safety product based on the web site information.
In the meantime, I use a Ruffwear Beacon light clipped to my harness and a lighted collar cover that mom found for me here.
This is what I look like at night...
Be safe, everybuddy!
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  1. Wriggley, that's pretty cool! Maybe your mom should wear one too! :)

  2. Excellent collar! Mom's been talking about getting one for me that lights up or reflects for when the time changes and we have to walk in the dark some mornings. This sounds like a really good one! Went to the site. Luv it that they won't carry anything made in China. We won't buy any food products (for peeps or pups made there for safety reasons). Made in Germany. Gosh, haven't seen anything we can buy here made there in a really long time! Mom agrees with you on the price $49.99 is a bit steep for a collar. She says if we start doing night kayaking, it'll justify the cost :)

    Thanks for sharing this cool product and pawticipating in the MM Hop :)

    You are entered in the drawing for a BarkBox or MeowBox (your choice) to be held on Halloween Day :)

    Waggin at ya,

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  3. I always knew you were a bright one!

  4. Woo! Very cool, Wriggley! What color are you thinking about getting!?!?