Thursday, April 4, 2013

The scene of the crime

Mom walked in on this when she came home from work yesterday:
And this poor packet of oatmeal...
Rounding up the possible suspects,
we have...
lalala.  What?!?  I've been here the whole time watching bird tv!
Mom searched the house for others.
But then she had also brought in a new batch of groceries...
Sorry, Minnie, but your reputation proceeds you!
Who, me?


  1. Oh no, Minnie framed?! There are always mysteries and unsolved crimes in our house, too. But yeah, reputation proceeds...even with that sweet innocent face :-)

  2. They both look TOTALLY innocent to me! TOTALLY!
    Trust me, I'm a Siberian Husky. I know things.
    Play bows,

  3. No kitty in her right mind would bother with OATMEAL! So I say it must have been... uh, Wriggley!

  4. But but.. cat's don't eat oatmeal! That must mean some other critter, some oatmeal eating critter, broke into your house, made the mess, pinned the blame on the kitties and escaped unscathed! Poor kitties, they ARE innocent!

  5. LOL! Sorry, but Smidgen hiding there makes me believe she's the guilty party...She is sooo funny! Minnie is always in the groceries...
    I have to admit I don't think they are your culprit...keep looking Mum!
    Kitty XO

  6. We do NOT see enough evidence to support a conviction. While past history may be a good indicator of future behavior, it is not enough evidence to prove BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT who the guilty party is. Without some DNA evidence this will just have to go to the cold case files!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. I am just thrilled my name wasn't on that list!

  8. Newton is SO relieved not to be one of the suspects (this time). But seriously... oatmeal??

  9. Oh no....unless you're caught in the act...blame it on Not Me!

  10. Oh Minnie. We think you were just trying to eat healthy. Cardboard and paper is healthy, right? MOL! Purrs...

  11. Uh oh. Minnie ... deny, deny, deny!

  12. See, now we wouldn't be in trubble, cause we wouldn't TOUCH that stuff. Ya gotta learn the GOOD stuff to get into...

  13. Heh heh heh
    Minnie I think it is absolutely our duty to inspect All foodables brought into the house - Good Job! :D

    Waggin at ya,