Sunday, June 30, 2013

Easy Sunday: the toasty edition

We've had another weekend of temperatures in the squillions of degrees.
And there is still more to come.
We kitties have been ejoyin the cold air blowy machine A LOT.

how do you folks in the desert do it?

Both yesterday morning and this morning mom and Wriggley went out adventuring early.  Even with their early start they said it got yucky fast.  It is hard to believe that a week ago it was cool and we even had a couple of days of rain!  Mom said she is looking forward to Friday when it will only be 100.

This afternoon we watched movies.  We all decided on "Eight Below."
(yeah, we know it's about dogs but it is the coldest one we have without watching Christmas movies)
Then we pretended to watch for penguins outside our TV window.

And dreamed of cooler times...


  1. We got up to 120 today!!!!!!

    Even Mommy, who is a wizened desert rat, says it's too hot.

  2. This weather is wack. We are having unseasonably cool weather. Maybe we should all get together so the temps even out.

    Stay cool, guys!

  3. We were supposed to have triple digit weather here too, but we got some marine-layer type overcast clouds which cooled it off a bit! So I think we wound up being ONLY in the low-mid 90s.

  4. Oh wow it is way too hot there! We have been having 80s and gets a little cooler in the morning and evening. Not too bad. I hope you will enjoy cooler temperature (ONLY 100) on Friday :-) I watched Eight Below long time ago. It sure makes you feel cooler!

  5. Ooooh, I sure like what Wriggley is dreaming about!!!

  6. We have sure had plenty of hots too, but now our monsoons are coming back.

  7. Yikes. Those are some crazy hot temperatures, friends. Best to stay in where it's nice and cool!

    Big hugs!