Sunday, November 17, 2013


I've been thinking about whether or not to tell the story about my tail..the tale of my tale...
It was one of those things that happen on a weekend in the wee hours of the morn. Mom's not sure exactly what happened and it isn't something I've cared to talk about - it was a very scary and traumatic event, after all!
Now I don't want anybuddy to think badly of anypuppy around here, but let's just say a certain black dog might have been involved and leave it at that, k?
Instead, let me tell you about a more recent harrowing experience - my check-up at the v-e-t!
Yes, I had to go.
Is it me, or am having to go more often than once a year?  Okay, so maybe mom noticed me going to the litter box...
...every other minute...
...and not really piddling much...
Mom stayed home from work one day last week, which was nice until the time she stuffed me and Pip into our ptu's and took us on a squillion hour car ride. I tried to tell her she didn't need to take us, that wouldn't she much rather spend her time taking Wriggley for another long walkie, and she ought to turn the car around straight-away.
She didn't listen.
So Pip and I had to suffer the usual violations. Our bloods had to take some tests again. Remember when my blood buns scored kind of high on the tests? Apparently that isn't good news, 'specially since my kidneys are poorly to begin with. Well, on the last test I took and even on this one, my buns got a lower score! That sure made mom feel better.
Pip and I both had good check-ups. We've both also lost some weight since our last v-e-t visits. The doc said we are healthy and our body condition is fine, but it wouldn't be good if we kept losing weight. Get this - she prescribed more food! Isn't that pawsome?!? oh, yeah...and I got some anti-botics to take so I won't feel like I need to piddle all the time.
Speaking of food...
Isn't it about dinner time?


  1. I'm glad your BUNS are better, Smidgen! I get to eat as much food as I want too... which is great except when I don't like the food my human dishes out.

  2. Smidgen, that's good news about your BUNS! And that you get to eat more! Score! Y'know, Zoey had pee problems and now the mom adds water to her foods to make sure she keeps flushed out.

    Now we wanna hear more about the tale of the tail.

  3. We are thrilled you get to eat more...plump up your BUNS!!!!

    Only not as big as Salem's...

  4. We gotta say that a tail loss is a sad thing even iffen ya wont say just how it happened. Secrets are OK.

  5. That's great that your blood work came back better and you got your piddle problem taken care of. Even better that you get more food now! Going to the v-e-t is not all that bad, after all.

  6. We're just glad that you're okay.

    The Paw Relations

  7. Smidgen, we are super glad that your BUNS are lower! And that you and Pip got good reports at the v-e-t! :)

  8. Oh Smidgen, sorry that you had to go to the Vets! We are glad your tests came out better and we send you big purrs for everything to clear up easily and quickly for you. Hope your tail is okay...And glad that Pip got a good report too. You deserve some extra goodies for theese one!

  9. That's great about your buns. that must be why you get to eat more food. Ha roo roo roo! Glad everything checked out well!
    Play bows,

  10. Glad to hear that you got positive results from the vetty.

    Anypuppy?!? Yet you had to mention "A Certain Black Dog"

  11. More food huh?? It does not usually go that way!!

  12. Ashton would like to know how to get prescribed extra foods. That sounds like a pretty sweet deal. We hope you get lots of the gooshy stuff.