Friday, December 27, 2013

We all have our limits

When our mom feeds us, she adds some water to our stinky goodness, to be sure we are sufficiently hydrated an all.  She has to be careful with me.  If my food is too soupy I'll projectile bomit it all over the place on account of I eat so fast.
Well, yesterday mom gave me my breakfast with the comment "I hope that isn't too soupy..."
I just dug in.
A bit later mom noticed I hadn't finished my meal, and chocking it up to "too soupy", put my dish in the fridge.  She did check the floors for bomit, just in case.  If I do yak up my food, it kind of ruins my appetite.
Well, fast-forward to dinner.  Mom sort of forgot about what happened at breakfast and as she remembered, she just figured she'd add more stinky goodness to the existing soup; sort of make it less soupy, you know?
So as mom was adding in the stinky goodness, she noticed the mucousy, slimy quality to my breakfast leftovers.
"Minnie, you didn't..."
Yes, as a mater of fact, I did!  I bomited my breakfast right back into my dish!
The worst part was mom tried to pass off my ABE* breakfast, with a bit of new stinky goodness added, for my dinner!  Ewwww!  I mean, I have my limits!  I took one sniff and cried and cried!
So mom, not wanting to hear me yowl and yowl being the softie that she is, threw that yucky stuff out and gave me fresh stinky goodness...
::nom nom nom::
...with only a little bit of water this time :)
*Already Been Eaten


  1. Eeeewwww, gross. LOL. Bet your mom was a bit grossed out too! :-D

    Our human adds a little bit of water to our canned, but we won't touch it if it's soupy, so she doesn't add much.

    BTW, Derry will toss his cookies fairly frequently, when he's too hungry. He's not a fast eater, but it just doesn't seem to sit well in his tummy when he's gone too long without food (i.e. when he's fussy and won't eat his bedtime snack).

  2. OMC! Ick, ick, ick! Humans try to get away with some really gross stuff! They are almost as bad as dogs!

    Oops! I hope Wriggley wasn't reading.

  3. OMC, Minnie! That was unacceptable of your mom to do that. Yuck.

    Y'know, our mom does the same thing...add water to our stinky goodness. Sometimes it gets soupy, but we never bomit it up.

  4. eeuuuwwwww!!!

    We'll only eat someone ELSE'S "warm dinners", never our own, and CERTAINLY not as leftovers! That's just gross.

  5. Ugh! Peeps don't understand that once it's come back up, it needs to stay out. Pierre left ABE kibble in his bowl before we switched to wet food, but there was no trying to pass *that* off on him again. We hope she learned a lesson!

  6. OMC!!! We're laughing at Katnip Lounge's comment!!!!! Must remember to give them a hard time about that!

    We're glad you managed to get some fresh un-soupy goodness out of the deal.
    ; )

  7. LOL. Minnie... that was... ummmm gross! LOL.

    Glad your mom found out before she gave it to you.

  8. Oh into the bowl is kinna gross. But ya can't help it when nature demands it...

  9. Yucky...gross glad she saw it before offering it back to you? That would have been a stinky cover-up! MOL!!!

  10. Oh my! My boys have not done that...yet. I can't show this post to them. LOL. Glad you got fresh food instead of one with know :-)