Sunday, January 26, 2014

It was bound to happen...

Mom was at it again with her activity mat and picture building.  Since I still couldn't convince mom of more fun games to play with all of those little toys puzzle pieces, I resigned myself to helping her play her way.
From sorting the pieces... helping her put it all together...
It turned out that there was one piece that we could not seem to find.  Last weekend when mom finished the picture, that one elusive piece was still no where to be found!
Can you see the missing piece at the base of the brown tabby's tail?
 Now I know what you are thinking...
"Minnie, what did you do with that piece?!?"
Let me just say that this is the fifth picture game mom has played.  That is five squillion thousand little toys puzzle pieces and this is the first one to go missing.
I will say that there were a couple of times where mom left her activity mat out when she had to make quick trips outside for Wriggley to do his business an all.  Strangely enough, at those same times, a mysterious weather phenomenon blew through our living room and wreaked havoc with mom's activity mat!
Mom's activity mat after we had our way with it a strange wind blew through our house.
Hang on now, before you think anything too badly, yesterday as mom was cleaning house, lookit what she found in a corner on the kitchen floor...
The runaway toy puzzle piece!
All finished!
Now I can get back to enjoying my Easy Sunday...
 Have a good one, everybuddy!


  1. Well those little pieces are dang small and they are bound to go missing on their own!

  2. Your face is far too innocent to have had anything to do with that missing piece!

  3. Now where was that piece hiding, Minnie?? We don't think you'll ever tell us if you knew! :)

  4. I think it is pretty ironic that the puzzle is of a kitty when, let's face it, what sane person with a cat would even try to do a jigsaw puzzle? Your human is just lucky!

  5. We've had those Mystery Winds too! One time it was strong enough to topple a TEAPOT. Mommy was not pleased.

    Thank COD the little toy showed up...

  6. Wow that was some serious wind that took that piece all the way out to the kitchen! MOL

  7. We believe you, Minnie! Those winds can be tricky like that!

  8. We knew it had to be a wind or something, I mean how could she think it was you Minnie? (Really beautiful puzzle pic.)

  9. Oh, seriously! That wind can be ferocious! Believe me - we live in the land of winds!
    Play bows,
    PS: Hey, Maggie. Any idea what happened to that toggle on mom's coat? The wind, eh? Good answer!!!