Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Toesday with Minnie

It's me...Minnie!
...and my pawsies...ok...mostly just my pawsies...
We are inspectin some food stuffs mom brought home for the shmousies outside.  Mom is a bit silly for feeding those guys.  She says "as long as they stay outside..."  Well, where's the fun in that?!?!?
So my pawsies might have gotten into a bit of trouble last night.  When Wriggley got home from walkin mom, she saw his kibble bin knocked over and the lid was off.  Nothing was spilled out of the bag inside.  Me and Smidgen were out and about in the house but were no where near the scene of the crime that pawticular area when mom got there.
She would not believe us when we mentioned the strange wind that came through the kitchen while she was gone.  Still, mom glowered at both of us as she righted everything and mumbled those words, "coming out of your meals."
And you know what?  She really did it!  I could tell cause usually it takes me 2 minutes to eat and this morning it only took me one minute to eat all of my breakfast.  It's getting to be about dinner time now.  Gosh, we sure hope mom has forgotten about that and doesn't read this post!
Hope you're havin a better Toesday!


  1. Binga gets her food rationed if she is caught stealing some other kitty's food! That's only happened to Boodie once. And since I am still a kitten, that has never happened to me!

  2. This has never happened to us, but Louie who came before was such a food thief during his later years that all food storage is almost completely cat-proofed around here.

  3. You would never do what Mommy is accusing you of, right, Minnie? Um ... hello? Minnie? ;)

  4. Minnie, we know you'd never do anything like that, right?

  5. Love those gorgeous toesies! Thank goodness we dont get our food rationed!