Sunday, January 26, 2014

It was bound to happen...

Mom was at it again with her activity mat and picture building.  Since I still couldn't convince mom of more fun games to play with all of those little toys puzzle pieces, I resigned myself to helping her play her way.
From sorting the pieces... helping her put it all together...
It turned out that there was one piece that we could not seem to find.  Last weekend when mom finished the picture, that one elusive piece was still no where to be found!
Can you see the missing piece at the base of the brown tabby's tail?
 Now I know what you are thinking...
"Minnie, what did you do with that piece?!?"
Let me just say that this is the fifth picture game mom has played.  That is five squillion thousand little toys puzzle pieces and this is the first one to go missing.
I will say that there were a couple of times where mom left her activity mat out when she had to make quick trips outside for Wriggley to do his business an all.  Strangely enough, at those same times, a mysterious weather phenomenon blew through our living room and wreaked havoc with mom's activity mat!
Mom's activity mat after we had our way with it a strange wind blew through our house.
Hang on now, before you think anything too badly, yesterday as mom was cleaning house, lookit what she found in a corner on the kitchen floor...
The runaway toy puzzle piece!
All finished!
Now I can get back to enjoying my Easy Sunday...
 Have a good one, everybuddy!

Friday, January 24, 2014


On Wednesday evening mom brought home this big bag of food for Wriggley.
She was quick to put it up on the counter and out of the way.
She noticed those teef marks on the bag Thursday evening as she was mixing up Wriggley's breakfast for today.  She swears they weren't there before.
And for some reason, mom kept shooting me dirty looks...
I don't get it...

Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Treats!

Would you lookit the new treats mom brought home for us!
And they are even miniature kitty-sized!
What's that mom?
What do you mean, those aren't for us?!?!?
What else ya got in the bag?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wordy Wednesday: Loopy!

I was at the v-e-t today getting my teefs cleaned.
Mom says I'm still a bit loopy from the anesthesia.
I don't know what she is talking about...
It's not me that is's mom's poor camera skills...
And no, I'm not leaning or seeming to have a hard time staying upright in this picture...
It's the camera...

Monday, January 6, 2014

Wriggley's Corner

Hey everybuddy!
While our mom is back to work after her holiday break, I thought I'd reminisce about some of the adventures we had while she was home.
You know, we live smack dab in the middle of the Pacific Flyway.  There are a number of wildlife refuges in our area that offer habitat for the migrating birds.  Mom and I made a couple of trips to the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge.  We both really like this place!  There is a two mile walking trail (and pups on-leash are allowed :)) plus a six mile driving tour through the wetlands.
What's that?  My camera?  Yeah, I got that for Christmas last year.  I like to take pictures of our adventures too!  I have the timer set to take a picture every 30 seconds.  Mom appreciates seeing my perspective, bol!  Speaking of which, while she took that picture of me, I got these of her
The duckies are usually scared off of the ponds that the walking trails go by.  There are usually lots of Coots about, though.  Also, there is a distant pond with some good action viewable from one of the trails.  While mom watches through her field glasses and takes pictures like this...
I take my pictures...

A few more...
So even though we kept going back to this same place, every trip was different and memorable in it's own way.  On the trip before, as we were walking, we saw a river otter.  Twice!  The best thing, though, was seeing Bald Eagles for the first time.  They are rare to see here.
I must admit, I sort of nap through most of the driving tour.  It starts out in the grasslands and alkali meadows.  A lot of folks drive fast through this area, but then you miss things.  Like...
And these guys...
White tailed kites?
Once you get to the ponds, though, there are squillions of geese.  Wow, do they have a lot to say!  Even I woke up to check things out.
Mom had pulled over to watch the ducks and geese and take some pictures.  Plus there was a Great Egret on the road ahead of us, so mom was just creeping along.  For some reason, the squillions of geese on the water decided to clear the pond.  This was really incredible.  Mom took squillions of pictures and I put a small sequence into a slide show.  It was an amazing thing, seeing all of those birds taking off into the air.
Sorry about the no sound business...just imagine a whole lot of honking going on.  Oh, click here for a direct link if you want.
Gosh, I'm kind of getting long with this post and pictures.  Just a quick collage of some of the birds we saw...
Clock wise from top right Ring-necked Duck, Pintail, Cinnamon Teal,
???, Great Egret and Ring-necked pheasant
And besides being in the middle of all of those geese flying off, the highlight of this trip was seeing this guy...
A Peregrine Falcon!
They are also uncommon to see.
Ok, I'll stop with the pictures now.  Thanks for letting me share.
Have a great week, everybuddy!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The waiting is the hardest part

We've all eaten our breakfast and mom has opened the door to Smidgen's dining room so I can go in and lick her plate clean she can come out.
Except Smidgen isn't moving!
You hafta understand that I won't just jump up on the counter if I want to get to the dish.  I make my climb by way of the toilet seat first.  To do that, I hafta go past Smidgen, and, well, that isn't something I care to do.  Not that I'm scared or's just, you know, one of those things.
So I'm just going to sit here in the hallway and wait...
...and wait...
It's been over a squillion hours an hour and she's still there!
come on, Smidgie, move already!
hang on...
could it be...
We were all done eating by 7 a.m. and I had to wait, sitting in the hall way the whole time, until 9:30 before Smidgen would get out of the way!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sufficiently pathetic

Don't I look all cold and pathetic curled up here on top of the bed?
Yeah, mom thought so too.
So she wrapped a blankie 'round me.
Ok, so she did wake me up.
But it didn't hurt to have a bit of a wash and freshen up my furs a little before...
Thanks, mom!