Friday, February 6, 2015

We're all getting in on the act

Mom couldn't find me when she got home from work this afternoon.
She knows we can't get out, but still, if we aren't in our usual places, she gets a little bit worried.
Not finding me in my usual beddy-by nappy spots, she started looking around for the tell-tale lump.  You know, under covers and such...
Well, guess where I was? case you don't recognize the lump in the next pic-sher, this is me...
What can I say?  It's been cold and rainy here today and Wriggley's crate bed our super duper deluxe kitty bed condo lounge is warm and snuggly.  Plus Wriggley is outside during the day when mom's at work so it's not like he wanted to be here.
Mind if I get back to my nappin?
That's better!
Just wake me when it's dinner time.
hee hee!


  1. Smidgen, that's the best napping spot! Too bad your mom found you and disrupted your nap.

  2. That looks like just the snuggly place I would pick too!