Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Toesday with Minnie

It's me...Minnie!
Me an my pawsies are hangin out on the catio.
We do enjoy the little bench we have out here.
The weather here has been really nice lately.  Almost summer-like, even.  Last week we had a couple of days where we were close to needing the cold air blowy machine and we are starting to hear them come on around the neighborhood.
Last Friday mom brought some garden plants home.  Her workplace had a plant give-away for everybuddy.  Mom got squillions of tomato and pepper plants plus a coupla squash and one watermelon.  Besides that, the plants are a mystery, mol.  Mom did not keep track of the different varieties.  We know the pepper plants are baby bell types but that is it.  Anyhoo, over the weekend mom planted everything.  She put most of the peppers in a little planter just beyond our catio.
We told her to save room for catnip plants for us, but well, she never listens to us.
Last Friday was also My Day.  No, that's not a typo for May Day...I mean Minnie Day!  My estimated birfday!  I'm not sure how old I am...mom was supposed to check my records...maybe nine?  I'm pretty sure I'm not in double digits yet.  I got my own Minnie Box too, but I was actually more interested in getting out on the catio than checking out my pressies.  Mom picked out the sort of toys that I like: a mini wand with feathers and a butterfly and most impawtantly the string to attack and chew, a feather copter, plus some treats.  You know, my estimated birthday could've been on Smidgen Day too...but we all know we don't share around here (hee hee!) so mom picked May 1 for me.
That's about a wrap for this Toesday.
Have a good one, everybuddy!


  1. What cute toesies you have, Minnie. We hope you had a great birthday. And tell your mom she better plant you guys some nip!

  2. Happy slightly belated birthday, Minnie!

  3. Iffen yer Mom has plant questions, our TBT knows about those...

  4. Happy birthday, Minnie! We're sure you're going to enjoy watching those plants grow from the safety of the catio.

  5. Happy birthday, Minnie! Glad you don't have to share birthday with Smidgen. Haha :-)
    I sure hope your mom will plant cat nip some time soon!

  6. Happy Birfday! Did you get some nice treaties?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. You KNOW our mom goes crazy over your toesies!!!
    Happy birthday, Minnie!!!
    Yours sincerely,

  8. Happy belated Birthday to you and your sweet toesies!!!

  9. We hope you had a wonderful birthday, Minnie! Your toesies get cuter every year, we think! :)

  10. Sounds like you had a wonderful Birthday box Minnie! Ralphie's birthday is a big guess by Mom too. Love those gorgeous paws :)