Thursday, August 20, 2015

As my world turns...

 Hey everybuddy!
My kitty sisters are letting me check in with a bit of a pupdate.

It was two weeks ago today that my world got all wonky again.  I still have trouble with my balance and I stagger quite a bit.  Mom says if I didn't try to move so fast I wouldn't have so much trouble and I wouldn't fall over.  But mom, I'm a Lab!


Bol!  I guess it is the stubborn streak in me.
At least I can finally have a pretty good shake off without falling over now.

Compared to last year, mom thinks my recovery process is going slower.  This time she got an herbal suppley-mint from the doc that will help.  It is supposed to be really yucky tasting.  I sure haven't noticed mom giving me anything like that...just this glob of yummy kitty stinky goodness that I get twice a day before my real meals.  Hmmm...I hope mom is following through with the stuffs...

 I still have a pretty strong head tilt.
Last year it was to the left, this year it is to the right.
Gotta mix things up, bol!

I guess a bonus out of this is that I've gotten to stay in the house during the day.  The first couple of days that I felt really bad I spent most of my time sleeping 2 feet from the front door, bol.  I think it was the second day of this that mom came home from work and found me stuck in the kitchen (she didn't expect me to feel up to moving).  I was trying to get to my water dish and even with my track shoes on, I was stuck standing in one place with my feets sliding out from under me.  Bol!  yeah, I can laugh about it now but at the time it was a crazy predicament.  Good thing mom came home early that day.  Now though, the kitchen is off limits to me and my water dish is on the carpet :)

I'm looking forward to being able to get mom out on some walkies.  We've tried a couple at night, but I think cause I don't see so well anymore that my balance seems worse, especially if the street is dark.

Well, I just wanted to let everbuddy know I'm doing ok.  Thank you for the POTP, purrs, prayers, and well wishes.  Mom and I sure do appreciate it.

Pardon me while I turn on my pathetic look and see if I can't work mom over for a cookie...

 oof!  woe is me!



  1. I'm sure you'll get a cookie wif dat cute face!

  2. Dang, we sure hope you are steady on the paw soon pal.

  3. Wriggley, we're purring for you and hope you're better real soon.

  4. Wriggley, we love you lots, and hope you keep getting better. We're purring and praying, for sure!

  5. We love you, Mr. Wriggley!!! And we're praying for you.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher