Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thankful Thursday

For Christmouse we got these ramps as a back door to the bedroom penthouse (the tree on the other side of the closet is the front door).

Ditto an I have some pretty fun zoomie games up and down them.

That is Ditto flyin through the air.
This afternoon we were takin a break and I was peaking into the closet not unlike this next picture.

Ditto is on the incline ramp

Momma's not sure what happened next but she looked over to see me hanging off the edge of the ramp!  I slipped off to the side and the way that I had to grip to keep from falling I couldn't get myself back up.  And if you look at the first picture again, it would not have been a fun fall.  That pillow on top of Wriggley's our condo isn't right underneath.

Thankfully Momma was right there to help me out and get me back onto the ramp.

We're thankful Momma has our backs!
She says that eight months ago she didn't have any grey hair.  We have no idea what she means by that...


  1. MOL! You two get into a lot, don't you?

  2. Trust me, it's a good thing ;) (the grey hair)

  3. Well, see what you've added to her life?!?! Awesome!
    You two take Crazed River Otter Games to an all-new level! I wish I could come play with you!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  4. Wow, yous are like a circus act or something!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. We wanna party with you two. You always have so much fun. :)

  6. Oh wow, you have those wall ramps! We keep asking fer them, but TBT says our walls are too crowded already.

  7. ai yi yi...Our Mommy can relate! Felix luxated his patella during some particularly risky CATrobatics.

  8. Wow, that must've been scary! We are glad you two have so much fun. And glad Mom is there to make sure things don't get TOO crazy. :)

  9. MOL MOL MOL! You two are just panfur onery personified!