Monday, June 6, 2016

Mancat Monday

We had innernets troubles over the weekend so I couldn't tell you about how I got my medal for bravery.
This is Ditto, by the way.


See, today would've been Wriggley's birfday.  Even though he is gone, our town still had the usual Pioneer Day Wriggley Day celebrations on Caturday.  That night all kinds of loud boomy noises started happening outside our house.  Momma said it was fireworks.  Now a few weeks ago the sky was making some loud boomy noises and momma called that thunder.  I'm not sure what the difference is...the fireworks seemed louder but I don't think they lasted as long as the thunder did...

I thought for sure something was going to fall on my head!  I wasn't sure where to run and hide to exscape.  Momma found a safe spot in the hallway to sit.  She called me to her and gave me a treat!  At first I was almost too skeered to eat.  Almost.  Hollie was with us too and she was pretty calm about it all.  I think that helped me...and the treats.  Momma said I was very brave.  I kinda ran around and tried to hide but I mostly stayed close to momma and she would give me treats.


We didn't see Sharpie or the other girlcats until after the boomies stopped.  Momma took these pictures afterwards too.  She gave me my medal for bravery and that all was safe, but I don't know if you can tell by my eyeballs that I'm not so convinced...


  1. You sure deserved that medal for being so brave, Ditto.

  2. You were VERY brave, Ditto! Especially if everyone else but Hollie hid!

  3. Great job, Ditto! You're a very brave cat, and so deserving of that medal!

  4. Your eyes sure look very big! But you are very brave kitty. You totally deserve the medal :-)

  5. I think you were ery brave!,

  6. Way to be brave, Ditto! Your medal is awesome and so well-deserved! I hope you all gave your mom lots of extra loving for Wriggley Day.