Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The elevator

Huh-lo again!
So I didn't say yesterday how I get down from the fridge.
Oh sure, I could jump down onto the stove...and sometimes I do.

But what's more fun is jumping onto mom's shoulder taking the elevator!


I'm getting a ride over to the opposite counter.  Sometimes Momma lowers me to the floor I take the elevator all the way to the floor.

Just an easy step off now...
Safe and sound!

I can also use the elevator to get up on the fridge!

This is my "I'm going to jump on your shoulder" face.
And I will too...

And ta da!

Notice anything missing in this picture? 

As long as I'm up here...
Whatcha cookin down there, Momma?

tee hee!


  1. MOL, Ditto! You really get around! And yeah, what happened to the treats?

  2. Hey I just found you! I am a dog but I live with a giant orange kitty named Hazuzu. I guess you could say he's my brother...
    Yur New Furend,
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  3. MOL, dat is a good way to get around.

  4. That is a very impressive ride down!

  5. Ditto, that was very impressive! A human elevator. :)