Sunday, April 2, 2017

Easy Sunday

While we've been enjoying an Easy Sunday all day, we are just now letting Momma have hers.


tee hee!

Actually, we commandeered her lap yesterday and wouldn't let her move much (but she didn't seem to mind) she was lazy all day yesterday so today she had yard work to do that couldn't be put off.

Over the winter our back yard becomes a jungle.  Today Momma pretty much finished reclaiming it.  She always has to take a picture cause she loves how it looks when it's all spiffy.

She worked on the front yard too.  All the noise she was making made Lilly scared of her when she came back in the house.  I guess she is over it now...

Today has been really nice - lotsa sunshine, and we've even been able to enjoy some window whiffies.  Momma filled the bird feeders paid up the premiums on our bird tv so we've been able to enjoy watchin some good programs too!

Life is good!


  1. You look so comfy! And Mom worked so hard she deserves somemore rest!
    Yur Furend
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  2. We hope your mom took it easy with all of you after working so hard.

  3. Your human worked really hard today - you kitties better lie on her some more to make sure she gets some rest.

  4. Wow, your mom was very industrious today. We hope you're helping her rest some more by laying on top of her! :)

  5. The Mom sure did lots of work and y'all had the serious snoozies covered!

  6. That is a big yard. Your mom must have been exhausted after all the work! And good mom to pay the premiums for your bird tv :-)

  7. Awww! That pic of you guys cuddling is just awwwwwwsome!!!
    PS: Note from our mom to yours -- Beware of yard work!!!!!!!!! lol.