Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Meme

Yesterday, Daisy was tagged to answer some questions and she asked that if anyone else wanted they could play along too and answer her questions in turn.  We thought this would be fun, so here goes!

1. What is your most favorite treat?
Mom buys Zuke's Purrs for us and she calls them kitty crack by the way we react when she opens the package!  We've even surfed the package off of the counter when she's left them out!  We cry and cry if she opens any similar package, too, thinking it might be our treats.

2. Describe your funnest day!
Any day that mom is home with us and plays with us and lays around so we can lounge on her is fun!
And then when she lets us sneak outside for a bit to explore! :-)

3. Tell me about your house.
We love our house!  We practically have a tree in every room.  Our yard is landscaped to attract birds and critters, so we have things to watch out the windows.  There are perches or furniture near the windows so we can reach to look outside.  There are soft places all over where we can nap!  Our house has these architectural plant shelves and mom put ramps on the walls to help us get up there - and she doesn't mind that we've scratched the walls, heh heh...

4. What is your favorite toy?
We each have a favorite catnippy toy but paws down we like the kind of toy that gets our mom playing with us too!  We like the Go-Cat cat catcher...
and this Play and Squeak feathery mouse wand...
We also like wappping wads of paper about.  Mom makes us these paper footballs and "kicks" them for us to chase!

Does anycat else want to play?  Here's what we'd like to ask:

1. Where is your favorite nappy spot?
2. For the indoor kitties, if you had the chance to go outside, even for just a bit, what would you want to do?  And for the kitties that are allowed outside, what is your favorite thing to do when you are out?
3. Do you like tummy rubs or are you a hand-shredder?
4. Describe your morning routine.

Have a great week!


  1. We saw this meme at Daisy's blog this morning so we are answering her questions tomorrow. We enjoyed reading yoor answers.

  2. We enjoyed your post and think your house is sooo cool! Love the ramps!

  3. I will play! But is it okay if it is next week?

  4. Thanks for answering the questions. It sounds like your house is awesome for kittehs!

  5. What a neat game! So great learning more about you!

  6. Wow! It's great to learn more about our friends and their lives.

  7. That was fun to hear your answers to the questions. Your house looks like a fantastic place for kitties to live. Take care and have a great day.

  8. Your answers are great, and your house looks like a fantastic kitty haven! We'd love to play, maybe in a few days :-)

  9. Your house is so kitty-friendly I am wondering if the humans have any amenities! Great answers to Daisy's questions!

  10. I really did love reading your answers!!!

  11. We enjoyed reading your answers! Your house looks very nice for kitties to live at...and your Mom has a lot of cool toys for you to play with. We love that squeeky mouse wand, too. Mommy has to hide ours!

  12. What a good game. Its nice for everyone to get to know more about each other :)

  13. My cats are jealous of all your cat trees! They have one giant one, but they think yours are super cool :)

    Loved your answers -- it's always fun to learn a little more about friends!

  14. That was fun!!! We think you have a really cool house!

  15. Your house is so cool! Thanks for sharing about yourselves. :)

  16. I love my bed, or my parent's bed. I love my porch, I shred a hand aimed at me belly and I am always focused on getting Mom up.