Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

We are so thankful for the wonderful home we have.  We are truly loved and spoiled.  Our mom says it's important that we share and maybe help out kitties or woofies that aren't so lucky.
Mom: That's right, Smidgen.  That's why we're opening our home for a kitty in need of a new forever home.


Mom...that's not what we meant!

Mom: Relax!  everything will be fine.  And Minnie, NewKitty is your age - you might just have an awesome new friend!  (sound of Mom running off, excitedly making the house preparations, singing "la la la"...)

Wriggley: ::sigh:: Now I'm really out numbered!


  1. We think it is really cool that yoo are helping a homeless cat. Fank yoo so much.
    Don't worry Wriggley ~ think of it as one more khat to boss abowt! :snicker:

  2. Oooh, this is very exciting and wonderful news!

  3. that is catabulous!!!!

    You will have a new friend!!

    Poor doggie....our doggie is lucky that there is just ONE of me!

    Can't wait to see the photos of the new addition!

    Love, Cody

  4. We think this is very exciting and are looking forward to following all the new adventures! We certainly hope the integration will go smoothly!

  5. We are so excited about Rollie coming to live at your house! We were sad that her humans decided to give her up because of their daughter's allergies. They were just about to send her to a shelter when you said she could come live with you. You are our heroes!

  6. What a blessed kitty Rollie is. Mom and I will be waiting for updates and photos too. Mom rescued me from the shelter and so hated to leave the others.

  7. Bless y'all and your mama for giving the lovely Rollie a home. We know y'all will love her.


  8. We think Rollie is getting a great home!

  9. We think it is so cool that Rollie is gonna come live with you guys!!

    Our mom told us all about kitties less fortunate than us...that's how we ended up with Zoey.

  10. We can't wait to meet the new addition!


  11. That is so great that you took Rollie in when she needed a home so badly. We are sure you all will really like her. We can't wait to hear all the reports. Take care.

  12. Uh oh! Hope you all get along with Minnie New Kitty.

  13. I think your human just played a really dirty trick on you guys! I hope the new kitty is nice or there will be trouble!

  14. We are thrilled about Rollie! We hope you all are nice and the integration goes well. Kissies!