Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Toesday with Minnie

Yello!  We are having innernetz withdrawals here without our computer!  Yow!  I cried and cried and mom let me do a Toesday post from hers and plus she let us do some visiting.  Thanks mom!

I really had to dig around on her computer too for pic-shers.  These are old - from back in 2007!  I was maybe one, and I still didn't fit in my donut bed :-).

Have a great Toesday, efurryone!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Just a quick post to say we may not be able to post, mol!  Last night our computer crashed!  Yow!  Mom is letting us use her work computer but we don't have any pictures on it.  She may let us do some visiting, we'll see - we hafta be careful.

Our computer is at the shop getting fixed but we are far down in the queue so we won't even know what's wrong until Tuesday or Wednesday.  Not sure what this means but mom says to cross our paws that it isn't the mother board...

Have a great weekend and week, efurryone!

Friday, November 26, 2010

People are Strange

Mom has a couple o' clay fish soovenirs that she brought back from work trips.
The blue one down there on the floor came from Mexico.
She used to have them up here on the mantle but for some reason, she put them on the floor...strange...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

We are especially thankful today for our friends, especially the new blogging friends we have made, and our safe, wonderful home, and of course for our mom for spoiling us so.

Happy Thankful Thursday to efurryone and Happy Thanksgiving Day to efurryone in the US - we hope all of your turkey dreams come true today! :-)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Toesday with Minnie

Except that it's me, Pip.  I'm feeling a little left out blog-wise so I'm taking over Minnie's Toesday for today.  Well, I am the oldest here.

I wanted to share my dainty paws.
Don't mind the dirty carpet.

Oh, and here's my teddy-paw:
Have a nice Toesday!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Rollie Speaks

oh, hai...um...well...I guess you caught me out.  I'm Rollie.  Ummmm...yeah...I'm new here.
I'm not sure exactly what's going on.  The other day my family packed up some of my food and favorite toys and the put me in my little travel cave.  A nice young lady came and picked me up.  We drove like a gazillion miles and then we finally stopped at this big shoppy place.  We met this other lady and she took me on from there.  After what seemed like furrever, I ended up here.  I'm not sure where here is but the lady says it's my new home.

There are other cats here too.  I haven't seen them yet but I can smell that they've been in the room I'm in.  I'm mostly keeping to myself, just trying to take this all in.  The food is good - the lady is adding this stinky, wet, good stuff to the kibble I'm used to.  The facilities are kept clean so that part's good too.

Hey, is that my feather toy?  I love my feather toy!
I also like those little fuzzy mice and other catnippy toys.  (I've been playing when no one is watching me but I think the lady knows - I don't put the toys back in the same spot she left them so she's on to me).

Ooooh, neck scritches and ear rubs!  Aaaaahhhh...
Well, I gotta go...I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed...
ok, so...um...bye for now...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Heeeeere's Rollie!

...Well, sort of...
(sound of fanfare music falling flat)
*hiss* Go away lady!

Mom brought Rollie home yesterday but she failed miserably on the picture front - she forgot to take the flashy box with her and then when Rollie was home and exploring her room, she didn't have it either.  Mom says Rollie is hiding in the closet in her room now, but she has been out to eat and, um, do her business.

Rollie's old home is only a couple hours drive from where we live.  Rollie's family were not able to bring her but Raymond and Busby's human Niece, Jenni, brought her.  She and our mom met at a halfway point to make the exchange.  Mom said that Jenni was super nice and she thought is was so pawsome that Jenni made the drive with Rollie.

Mom said that Rollie was a good little traveler and didn't make much of a fuss.  When she got home, she took Rollie straight to her room.  Rollie came out of her ptu and explored the room, rubbed on mom and she let mom pet her.  Mom left her to settle in for a bit and since then, Rollie has gone into hiding mode.  Mom said Rollie's coat wasn't as soft as ours - Rollie was eating a poor quality kibble.  We don't do kibble here so mom is all ready changing Rollie's diet.  Mom also said Rollie could stand to lose at least a pound, heh heh.

As Rollie gets more used to the place, we'll try and share more, er, better pictures :-) and she can tell efurryone about herself.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Countdown to Caturday

Caturday is going to be a big day around here,  It's the day that mom is going to pick up Rollie to come and live with us!  We're all very excited but no one more than mom.  Ok, we admit at first, when mom told us what was going on, we weren't too sure and were a little nervous...but now that we've had time to think about it, we are happy to be helping a fellow kitty.  Plus, with four of us now, we can play Bridge!

Mom had most of the day off yesterday and she worked on setting up Rollie's room.  She is going to take the room that Minnie and Wriggley shared, so mom had to move Wriggley's stuff out.  We kitties snoopervised her work.
Mom moved Wriggley's condo crate into her room (though we call it Smidgen's room :-)) and she had to shift our tree around to make the crate fit.
Again, we made sure everything was just so...

There are still a few details that need to be worked out...
the ramp to nowhere

And voila!
Rollie's new room...until she settles in and we have a chance to meet and greet and get along :-).
Sorry Rollie, we'll have to work on mom to get you some jungle gym equipment...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

We are so thankful for the wonderful home we have.  We are truly loved and spoiled.  Our mom says it's important that we share and maybe help out kitties or woofies that aren't so lucky.
Mom: That's right, Smidgen.  That's why we're opening our home for a kitty in need of a new forever home.


Mom...that's not what we meant!

Mom: Relax!  everything will be fine.  And Minnie, NewKitty is your age - you might just have an awesome new friend!  (sound of Mom running off, excitedly making the house preparations, singing "la la la"...)

Wriggley: ::sigh:: Now I'm really out numbered!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Toesday with Minnie

yaaawwwwn!  mmmph.  Just stretchin a bit.
I love to curl up in my little round donut bed but sometimes I gotta stretch and let my paws hang out.

Happy Toesday!

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Hunt

Shhhh!  Be vewy, vewy quiet...
I'm hunting...
oh! ::quivers with excitement:: I love to watch the leaves blowing around by the window!  There's a big window like this in our front room and also back in mom's room.  Sometimes I race back and forth from window to window.  If only I could chase them outside for reals.  Lookit!
These ones are so close!  I can almost get 'em...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fair Weather Friend

It's getting colder here.  Winter is settling in.
My favorite sleepy spot for this time of year is my Princess Bed.
It's very warm, and soft, and comfy.  I've even made a Smidgen-sized dent so the bed is like my special nest.
I don't nap with my Teddy Bear friend any more.
Don't worry, Teddy, I'll be back when it gets warmer.  Besides, I still like to make biscuits in your furs.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Toesday with Minnie

This is me, Minnie.  Just layin on mom again. 
We don't have a TV so she watches movies on her lap top - she prefers to lounge on the floor...fine by us!  Besides there being more room on her this way, the chairs are also free for us if we want, mol! 

The other day I was peaceably sharin mom with Smidgen...here's her paw...mom's too, hee hee!
Have a great Toesday!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Meme

Yesterday, Daisy was tagged to answer some questions and she asked that if anyone else wanted they could play along too and answer her questions in turn.  We thought this would be fun, so here goes!

1. What is your most favorite treat?
Mom buys Zuke's Purrs for us and she calls them kitty crack by the way we react when she opens the package!  We've even surfed the package off of the counter when she's left them out!  We cry and cry if she opens any similar package, too, thinking it might be our treats.

2. Describe your funnest day!
Any day that mom is home with us and plays with us and lays around so we can lounge on her is fun!
And then when she lets us sneak outside for a bit to explore! :-)

3. Tell me about your house.
We love our house!  We practically have a tree in every room.  Our yard is landscaped to attract birds and critters, so we have things to watch out the windows.  There are perches or furniture near the windows so we can reach to look outside.  There are soft places all over where we can nap!  Our house has these architectural plant shelves and mom put ramps on the walls to help us get up there - and she doesn't mind that we've scratched the walls, heh heh...

4. What is your favorite toy?
We each have a favorite catnippy toy but paws down we like the kind of toy that gets our mom playing with us too!  We like the Go-Cat cat catcher...
and this Play and Squeak feathery mouse wand...
We also like wappping wads of paper about.  Mom makes us these paper footballs and "kicks" them for us to chase!

Does anycat else want to play?  Here's what we'd like to ask:

1. Where is your favorite nappy spot?
2. For the indoor kitties, if you had the chance to go outside, even for just a bit, what would you want to do?  And for the kitties that are allowed outside, what is your favorite thing to do when you are out?
3. Do you like tummy rubs or are you a hand-shredder?
4. Describe your morning routine.

Have a great week!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dona Nobis Pacem

Today, November 4, 2010, marks BlogBlast for Peace.

Peace hath higher tests of manhood
than battle ever knew - John Greenleaf Whittier

Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Purrs from us for peace and understanding through out the world.