Sunday, February 27, 2011

Easy Sunday

I'm kinda bummed we did not get any snow the other day.  Even tho it's still a bit cold, we've had lotsa sun this weekend.

There's even a lot of bird activity in the yard...despite the fact that mom hasn't filled the feeders lately.

Mom had a case of the lazies yesterday and we all napped the afternoon away.  That means today she's gotta clean house and get the noisy sucky monster out.
 Hmmm....maybe if we all snuggle up and look comfy, we can convince her to nap the day away again!


  1. Minnie, we didn't get any more snow either.
    Were you waiting for someone to uncover your bird TV? Wake Mom and tell her your TV is off.
    Mom said tell you that she would like you to have the Awesome Blog Award if you will accept by clicking on it on our blog. You have to tell 7 things that we don't know. Mom hasn't blogged it yet. She's just lazy. pppfffssst
    She's trying to catch up on visits today.

  2. My human was all excited because she heard it might snow, and it has never snowed at her house in her lifetime (we live in southern California). Well, it did snow a little - but miles away from our house! So we missed out.

  3. Minnie, it is sure worth a try to get all comfy in hopes Mom won't get out that horrible machine. We are having gorgeous weather here too. So nice to have it warmer. Take care.

  4. Minnie,Your plan is good ! but make sure, you sit on top of her so she can't move to get that monster : )

  5. Minnie I hope your plan worked!


  6. You should give it a try, that sucky beast is way too noisy!