Sunday, November 27, 2011


Minnie on the look-out

We had some rain on Thanksgiving and since then the weather conditions have been ripe for fog.  Yesterday it gave way to sun, so I'm hoping for the same today.  I'm on the lookout!

We're mostly taking it easy today.  It's our mom's last day of holiday.  We've had a busy weekend, though.  First we had to help mom with some chores, you know, laundry an all...

No, really, we are helping!

Our mom  was on a bit of a clean-up-and-get-organized bent.  She took away the scratchy climby thing we had in the hallway and ordered a new one; one that she could store stuff in too.  It came yesterday and I helped her put it together.

Not bad!

Pretty cool, huh Pip?

Mom let us play in the box for a bit before taking it out to recycle.
Mom, you should recylce this into a cat toy for us!


So now we're all waiting in our own way for the sunshine still.

We hope you're all enjoying a nice weekend and SUNday!


  1. Wow, you've been busy! Your new storage unit is cool. Good for you for helping your mom put it together! But we think that box would have been the start of a pawsome fort. :-)

  2. Holy Cod...all five of you had to watch your Mom...she must have been *this* close to getting out of control!
    So, who's gonna scratch the cool new hall thingy first?

  3. We are having a gorgeous sunny Sunday here in SoCal! The only thing missing is a new thing in a box like you guys got to play with, I mean, supervise!

  4. Look like Things inside are more interesting than outside !!!
    Have Fun and Stay warm, my friends : )

  5. We sure hope you got some sunshines today! We like your new storage unit, but we can't believe your mom threw away that pawsome box. How come she didn't make a fort out of it for you?


    Sammy and Moosey

  6. You guys sure have been busy!! That box looks like a lot of fun. Too bad you couldn't keep it.

  7. oh yes you could have kept that box and made one heck of a kitty fort!

  8. You know ... I have SO MUCH in common with you kit-cats! The way we help our bipeds is SO similar! HA roo roo roo! That box looks fun, too. I should try one out!
    Play bows,