Thursday, November 10, 2011

Second Thoughts

Sunday sure was nice, what with that "fall back" business.  We all put that extra hour to good use with some bonus sleeps!

Since then though, I'm not so sure...I'm beginning to have second thoughts, even.  See, suddenly everything has been an hour late (and by everything, I mean breakfast and dinner).  It's like mom is sleeping in every morning!  And she gets home from her work place around six five, but by the time she gets to making our dinners, it's more like seven six, if not later!

Usually I don't make a big deal of when mom comes home, but this week I've been at the door, hollerin, even.  I'm hungry!

Enough with the flashy box, all ready!  Get moving on our dinners!
Forget daylight savings time and standard needs to get on our tummy time!


  1. You are not kidding, Smidgen - my roommate Binga has been in a panic all week!

  2. That's right, Standard Tummy Time is the most impawtant!

  3. yep - dinner shall not be withheld for silly people time changes!!!

  4. Falling back has messed up our lives too - big time!!!!

  5. It's weird... our meals have been late this week, too. And Mom and Dad are oversleeping. Well, no ... they TRY to, but I make sure they get up!
    Very odd goings on!
    Play bows,

  6. We hate that our meals come a hour late.

  7. We don't unnerstand why the humans hafta mess up this time stuff. Just leave it alone!!

  8. Tummy Time is the only time that counts!

  9. Time changes sure mess with my tummy. Maybe our Mom's will catch on.
    xoxo Kassey