Monday, January 30, 2012

No Rest

Mom came home from her trip last week on Thursday.  Every year she has to make this same trip for her workplace.  She used to be able to take a couple of days off when she got home.  Lately though, things are too busy for her.  She was back to work on Friday.

I was back to work too!  Mom picked up some groceries on her way home on Thursday.  Of course, I had to inspect things, you know, to make sure she got the right stuff an all.

Well, I noticed she bought a different kind of cereal.  She's usually been gettin cinnamon.  This time I noticed the package said high fiber.  Are you sure, mom?

I tried my best to taste it, but mom said I didn't need to.

Ok, mom, if you say so.  But you know I'm there for you...just ask...


  1. That looks like a fun thing to help with!!!

  2. Sweet Minnie, you are the bestest helper ever!

  3. Minnie you are a hard worker!!! I don't think kitties would like cinnamon :-)

  4. Didn't she bring you home any chicken to examine, Minnie? Fiber cereal is SO boring to do quality control on.

  5. I am sending you the Liebster awardie. Details on my web site.

  6. Woo! Hey, Minnie. Do you need any help inspecting?!? I'll bet I could open that bag for us!

  7. nothing like having your own live-in quality control inspector!