Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Toesday with Minnie

::whispers::  Yello!
It's me, Minnie!
Well, maybe this lump is me...

Mom abandoned us again to go on another trip for her workplace.  She's gonna be gone for like 10 squillion days!  She left this mornin with her huge clothes packy case and Wriggley, with his stuff for camp.  I'm whisperin and hidin cause I thought I heard the pet sitter lady.

If I could show you my pawsies, they might look like this...

Wait...what was that?  I think someone's here...I gotta go...
Have a great Toesday and week, everybuddy!


  1. TEN days!?!
    Your Mom is gonna get some MAJOR demerits...

  2. Ten days is too long - you need to fire your human and get one who does not run away for so long because some work-humans told her to!

  3. Sweet Minnie I hope you won't be lonely without your mum. Don't be too hard on her, I'm sure she'd rather be at home with you guys!!!

  4. We hope those 10 days fly by so your mom will be home again!

  5. I'm usally the "lump unner the blankies" here.


  6. Minnie ! Stay calm !!!
    Repeat yourself " At least, mommy don't send you to Jail, You can handle that ! "

    Ex-Jail ( Cattery ) Boy

  7. Nooooo! Mom's gone!?!? That's HORRIBLE!!! Totally HORRIBLE!!! I hope the time goes by fast for you. Woooooo.

  8. Wow, 10 squillion days ... that's like FOREVER! We bet the pet sitting lady will take okay care of you (though not as good as your mom), though. We will purr and pray that the days go by quicly, sweet one.

  9. hope your Mom has a great time!!

    As for you??? Be good for the sitter!

  10. Oh, no, 10 days! I am sorry your mom is away for such a long time!
    I hope 10 days go very quickly for you!!

  11. Ya want us ta teleport over a few time fer company?

    We have TOYS...

  12. That's not good. you need to report her and she needs to bring you lots of treats for the way she treating you. You poor thing, try and have a good weekend.

  13. Adorable toes, lovely Minnie!...Sorry to hear your Mommy's leaving, but does this mean you guys are up for a house trashing party??!!...Let us know and we'll show up with nip and toys!!...Happy weekend, sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki