Saturday, June 30, 2012


I think my fav'rite summer pastime is sunpuddlin.

I just love to lounge in a good sun puddle!
When mom comes home in the afternoons she always finds me and Minnie at our respective windows.

So I've been working on my tan a lot lately.
Plus I've been doing this for quite a few summers now (and any sunny day inbetween).

See my white my tummy furs once upon a time?

when I was just a, er, smidgen of a Smidgen...

Now I'm all nice and tan...

hee hee!

Have a great weekend everybuddy!


  1. You've got quite nice tan!! Your baby picture is so cute and yes, I can see your white tummy furs :-) Be careful not to get too much don't wanna get sun burnt!

  2. You really did get quite a tan and I agree, sunpuddles are terrific!

  3. We love a good sunpuddle too....and we think summer sunpuddles are the best...much better than winter sunpuddles! You've got a great tan, Smidgen! We hope you're using your SPF though!

  4. The boys here are foggin' up the computer screen checking for tan lines!
    hubba HUBBA!

  5. There's nothing like a good summer sun puddle!

  6. I must confess... I love a good sun puddle, too. Mom is sure I'm part kit-cat!
    Your white tummy was mighty cute!
    Play bows,