Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Toesday with Minnie

It's me...Minnie!  And my pawsies.

Mom got back from her walk with Wriggley.  She just gave him some extra treats. I begged, er, I mean, I tried to convince her to give me some treats too, but I didn't get any.  Mom has a heart of stone!

So now I'm feigning indifference...givin my face and pawsies a bit of a wash.

In a moment I'm gonna give mom the ultimate shnub and start washin my...ahem...um...there!
hee hee!
Hope you're havin a clean Toesday!


  1. Your mom is not being very nice! You need those treats!!

  2. Bum-wash protesting is the BEST kind there is!

  3. Cute toesies, Minnie! And yes, the Bum-Wash Snub sounds appropriate...

  4. I think you are being very subtle in showing your disdain!

  5. Oh I'm sorry you did not get a treat!! Maybe after a good washing, your mom will let you have some?

  6. How dare your mom not give you a treat, Minnie. Maybe now that you're all washed up, she'll reconsider...


  7. Maybe Wriggley would share with you? Dave will sometimes fling food in my direction. Oh, sure, he says it's an accident... but a little rice flung in your direction now and then is a very pleasant thing!
    Play bows,

  8. Minnie we love your silver toes.... as a matter of face, we think you are a silver-toed devil - LOL!!!