Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Toesday with Minnie

It's me, Minnie!
My pawsies and I are coming to you from atop mom's shoulder.
We had a cold and stormy weekend and mom was playin with her activity mat again.  She wouldn't oblige with a lap to snuggle on so I had to jump onto her shoulder and make myself comfortable around her neck.
Yeah, it's not what I'd call ideal, but what's a kitty to do?  Mom was moving around a lot so I had to break out the clawrs to hang on.
And then mom kept sayin stuff like, "ow my neck"...and "Minnie, you're giving me a stiff neck"... and some other general whining that I wasn't really paying attention to.
But then she had the nerve to say, "Minnie, you weigh a ton!"
Would you believe it?!?!?
And after all the help I was...
This is the piece you want, mom.  Really.
Have a great Toesday, everybuddy!


  1. Hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do to hang on!

  2. Wow, you helped to warm her (fancy-decorated) neck and gave her a (little) extra weight fer her exercizes, and she COMPLAINED?

    There is just no unnerstanding some Beins...

  3. Funny...Hello, I'm Missy Kitty and I join your blog! Will you come join/follow me too...I want many friends, bring some more too! Mommy made me blog, She Spoke To Me. Want many kitties to come visit me! Meow... Mommy says say thanks!

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Miss Kitty

  4. Woo! Way to help your mom with the puzzle, Minnie! And to snuggle. You know she really liked that. And ... I like your toesies!
    PS: Please quit stealing Wriggley's snuggle spot in his carrier. Thanks.

  5. Oh Minnie...I've been hearing a lot about my "weight" as of late. There's nothing fun about it!
    ; ) Katie

  6. My human is always telling me how lightweight I am! But it's always said in a way that implies I should weigh more! Humans are NEVER happy.

  7. Minnie, that must have been some ride you had on your mom's neck.

  8. Such magnificent pawsies! Enjoy and stay well !



  9. Humans and their necks... haha
    Glad you helped with that puzzle

  10. Oh how we love your toesies Minnie! You are such a brave girl to hang on like that! PS: Clooney Claus will be there for sure!

  11. BOL Minnie! Cat scratch luv eh? ;P

    Waggin at ya,