Saturday, June 30, 2012


I think my fav'rite summer pastime is sunpuddlin.

I just love to lounge in a good sun puddle!
When mom comes home in the afternoons she always finds me and Minnie at our respective windows.

So I've been working on my tan a lot lately.
Plus I've been doing this for quite a few summers now (and any sunny day inbetween).

See my white my tummy furs once upon a time?

when I was just a, er, smidgen of a Smidgen...

Now I'm all nice and tan...

hee hee!

Have a great weekend everybuddy!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Toesday with Minnie

It's me...Minnie!  And my pawsies.

Mom got back from her walk with Wriggley.  She just gave him some extra treats. I begged, er, I mean, I tried to convince her to give me some treats too, but I didn't get any.  Mom has a heart of stone!

So now I'm feigning indifference...givin my face and pawsies a bit of a wash.

In a moment I'm gonna give mom the ultimate shnub and start washin!
hee hee!
Hope you're havin a clean Toesday!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Working Hard!

Things have gotten busy for our mom at her work place so she hasn't been able to help us blog or visit much.  Well, we kitties have been busy too!  You know, doin our fair share around the house an all...

I know mom is tired when she gets home so I help her out with the groceries when she doesn't put them away fast enough whenever I can.

mmmm!  Look, Smidgen, duck feet!

Let's see now, what's in this bag...

Cereal!  Oh, good!  She didn't get that high fiber stuff.

mmmm!  Cinnamon!

By the way, mom...

you forgot the milk!