Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hard Working Easy Sunday

I am snoopervising mom as she does yard work out front.
I know it may look like I could be sleep sitting...
...but I really am making sure mom does a good job out there and gets all of the weeds and all.
This is a tough job so I need to get comfy.
That's better.
Don't worry, I'm still on top of what's going on outside...


  1. That is such hard work even with the eyes a bit closed. Happy Easy!!!

  2. A bit of a nod doesn't can still keep an eye on her. Miss Kitty tells me all that I do, even when I think she's asleep!

    Purrs& Hugs,
    Kiyy & Mum

  3. Yeah, I know that job!
    It's really hard to keep the eyes open OOPS ! I mean supervise... Tee... Heh
    Any how your mom should give you treats after your hard work : )

  4. Pip, it's hard to find fault with your supervising when that sun puddle in the window looks SO inviting!

  5. Pip, everybuddy knows that us kitties are whizzes at snoopervising with our eyes closed! Good job!

  6. Good job, Pip! We *know* you can snoopervise, even with your eyes closed!

  7. You should be glad that I live far away from you; otherwise I would be in front of your window all day long :) Such a beautiful cat!

  8. Heh heh looks like you are napping...uh working hard :-) You need to take a break!

  9. It's a well-known fact that Cats can see through their eyelids.