Friday, February 15, 2013

Wriggley's Corner

Coming to you from the cone of silence (can you tell mom is a Get Smart fan?  ::sigh::)
A week ago yesterday was my 9 year Gotcha-versary.  Apparently 9 is the year for teeth cleaning and stitches...who knew?!?!?
I had my regular check up this past December.  For those of you who may not know, a few years ago I had two tumors removed.  Both were malignant yet neither was a type of that yucky "C" that is likely to spread.  Since then, though, any new lump mom finds on me freaks.her.out.
Well, I had two, one on either flank, that mom had been keeping an eye on since May.  Plus I've had one on my hip for about a year (it was staying small).  My Doc didn't think the lumps on my flanks felt like fatty tumors usually do.  The best way to know for sure is to cut them out and send them off to the lab for testing.  What with my previous history, mom wanted to know for sure.  It turned out that I needed my teeth cleaned, too, and my doctor's office was running dental specials in you see where this is going?  Mom figured to get everything taken care of at once.  But on my gotcha day, mom???  Sheesh!
Now here I am, a week later, with a sparkling smile and sporting a bit of a Frankenlabbie look.
We got the call on Monday that all of my lumps were benign, so all is good!
Mom says that if she couldn't see my stitchies, she wouldn't think I'd had surgery.  Yeah, it takes a lot to slow this Lab down!  I especially get excited when mom comes home in the afternoon and takes off the cone.  I guess I'm not supposed to run or jump...well...I'm not jumping at any rate...
At least my gotcha day wasn't a total wash.
Mom brought back some soovenir toys for me!
My Chile Walrus and Texas Sock Monkey.
You can tell Sock Monkey is from Texas cause he's so big :)
AND mom took a couple of days off of work just to take special care of me right after my surgery.
I get my stitchies out next week on Tuesday.  I can't wait!  This being calm and no playing is really boring!  And, I have to say, I think mom is having too much fun dressing me up in t-shirts and stuff!

I do wanna say thanks to everybuddy for the well wishes and concern.  I really am feeling just great.  Mom made this movie to show where my stichies are and how I am still moving around normally and as crazy as ever (her words), bol!



  1. Yay Wriggley, I so happy you are healthy boy...Kitty wanna see shiny white teeth too! Mom take good care of you...Thanks Mom! Meow...
    Miss Kitty

  2. Wriggley, we're glad the tumours were benign.

    But on your Gotcha Day? Seriously?!

  3. Oh Wriggley, I am so sorry to hear about your ordeal on your own gotcha day! But I'm so happy your teeth are clean and lumps were benign! You look very handsome in your t-shirts. And the video is great! Happy belated gotcha day and I wish you a very happy weekend :-)

  4. Woo, Wriggley, my brother! I'm so glad you're OK! Your mom was SO SMART to have those lumpies removed and YES! We are so HAPPY to hear the "benign" word! Zim has a history with bad lumps, so Mom tracks all of his and has them tested all the time and stuff. I think Moms get paid to worry about us.
    Glad your stitches come out soon and that you're not letting anything slow you down!
    PS: Zim says I'm bigger than breed standard because I'm from Texas. Ha woo. I like your Texas Sock Monkey!

  5. Dang Wriggley you've been through the wringer my furiend. So glad everything turned out okay! Yay! Hey ya know you look pretty handsome in that yellow T your Mom put on for ya :)

    Happy Happy Gotcha Day to you! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  6. Well, that was not the most awesome gotcha week ever! Although it is good to know you are healthy!

  7. Oh you poor Wriggley. I hope the healing goes quickly. Happy Gotcha Day!

  8. We're just checking in...Mommy has been a real butthead this week and "too busy" to comment for us. Do you need a used Mommy? Wriggley, some of us are nervous about turning nine now...

  9. Well, Wriggley We hafta agree that spending your Gotcha Day gettng your teefs cleaned and some lumps removed is not the best way to spend that special day. But we are SO happy that you are just fine!!!

  10. Well being well is a good present but not on your Gotcha day!

  11. Happy Belated Gotcha-versary Wriggley! So happy to hear that the lumps are benign, what a relief! Purrs and good thoughts for a speedy recovery!