Thursday, February 21, 2013

Practice Drills

It's ok, don't worry!
I realize where I am and that I have to be careful hanging out in here.
I'm practicing my PTU Dash...
Catch me if you can, mom!
hee hee!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Is it Tuesday yet?

You know, this past week and a half or so has been really nice.  Mom has tweaked her work schedule so she can be home early to take care of me.  Plus she has been watching me like a hawk to be sure I don't lick my stitchies spending lots of her time hanging out with me.

All that aside, would you just look at what came in the mail over the weekend?

Yeah, that's a doggy tank and
...for me...
::sigh:: this is so embarrassing!
What's that mom?
You want me to pose so everybuddy can see the design on my tank?
Ok, but I'm not gonna look at the camera!
Now what?
You want me to try on the hoodie?
I think you should have gotten the XXL...
Did I tell you mom was getting carried away with this dress up stuff?  And I haven't even showed you the two other coats she got for me!
I mean, I'm a Lab after all and it really isn't that cold here.  Even with my shaved spots.
The fabric gets in the way when my stitchies itch and I just have to lick them.  Then the wet material gives me up and it's back in the Cone of Silence.
Oh, for Tuesday to come and for my stitchies to be removed, and life can return back to normal!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hard Working Easy Sunday

I am snoopervising mom as she does yard work out front.
I know it may look like I could be sleep sitting...
...but I really am making sure mom does a good job out there and gets all of the weeds and all.
This is a tough job so I need to get comfy.
That's better.
Don't worry, I'm still on top of what's going on outside...

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Optical Illusion

I am at one with my my kitty print blankie.
Does it look like I have a leg stretched out?
My leg stripies match blanket kitty's leg stripies!
I'm really loafing.
Now it looks sort of like I have my leg stretched out under my chin.
But it's really blanket kitty again!
I'm still loafing.
Ok, that's enough...

Friday, February 15, 2013

Wriggley's Corner

Coming to you from the cone of silence (can you tell mom is a Get Smart fan?  ::sigh::)
A week ago yesterday was my 9 year Gotcha-versary.  Apparently 9 is the year for teeth cleaning and stitches...who knew?!?!?
I had my regular check up this past December.  For those of you who may not know, a few years ago I had two tumors removed.  Both were malignant yet neither was a type of that yucky "C" that is likely to spread.  Since then, though, any new lump mom finds on me freaks.her.out.
Well, I had two, one on either flank, that mom had been keeping an eye on since May.  Plus I've had one on my hip for about a year (it was staying small).  My Doc didn't think the lumps on my flanks felt like fatty tumors usually do.  The best way to know for sure is to cut them out and send them off to the lab for testing.  What with my previous history, mom wanted to know for sure.  It turned out that I needed my teeth cleaned, too, and my doctor's office was running dental specials in you see where this is going?  Mom figured to get everything taken care of at once.  But on my gotcha day, mom???  Sheesh!
Now here I am, a week later, with a sparkling smile and sporting a bit of a Frankenlabbie look.
We got the call on Monday that all of my lumps were benign, so all is good!
Mom says that if she couldn't see my stitchies, she wouldn't think I'd had surgery.  Yeah, it takes a lot to slow this Lab down!  I especially get excited when mom comes home in the afternoon and takes off the cone.  I guess I'm not supposed to run or jump...well...I'm not jumping at any rate...
At least my gotcha day wasn't a total wash.
Mom brought back some soovenir toys for me!
My Chile Walrus and Texas Sock Monkey.
You can tell Sock Monkey is from Texas cause he's so big :)
AND mom took a couple of days off of work just to take special care of me right after my surgery.
I get my stitchies out next week on Tuesday.  I can't wait!  This being calm and no playing is really boring!  And, I have to say, I think mom is having too much fun dressing me up in t-shirts and stuff!

I do wanna say thanks to everybuddy for the well wishes and concern.  I really am feeling just great.  Mom made this movie to show where my stichies are and how I am still moving around normally and as crazy as ever (her words), bol!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Finally's me, Hollie, again...
Well, we may finally be back to regular blogging and visiting again.
Every year in January the lady has to travel for her work place.  She always gets stressed out with preparations before she leaves and ends up abandoning our bloggie...then she leaves and abandons us...and this year, when she came back, she still abandoned our bloggie!
The lady gets on a cleaning bent before she leaves anywheres.  She did some cleaning in my room and took away a fun box I had.  It was big and had holes so I could hide in it or run through it.  The lady thought I might like a real tunnel.  Um, ok...but she said before she'd spend any green papers, she'd let me try one that the other kitties here don't play with any more.
Do you see it there in the picture?
Well, to be honest, I don't think I've ever had a real tunnel before and I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do with it.
This one that the lady gave me is pretty soft...
...and feels rather nice under paw for biscuit baking...
::purr, purr, purr::  ::knead knead knead::
Woops!  Sorry about that...I got a little distracted...
Still, I don't really know what else I'm supposed to do with a tunnel.
My new favorite place to nap.
If nothing else, at least it's comfier than the box ever was!
That black dog that lives here Wriggley will do a post tomorrow.  Even tho he has to wear that big funny collar, he really is ok.  He says "woof " "thanks" for the well-wishes.