Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Double checking

We got a box in the mail today.
Mom said it was food and treats for Wriggley.  Oh, and a t-shirt for her.
That couldn't be right so I had to check for myself.
A cat can't be too sure.
Would you believe tho that there wasn't anything in here for us kitties?!?
Sure, sure, there was the shreddy papers...but you know what I mean.
I know!  Crazy!
I'm outa here!


  1. Dog treats and NO kitty treats? So not fair!

  2. Second Photo crack me up..Ha..Ha..
    Happy Wednesday

  3. That's just wrong. Every package with dog things needs cat things, too!

  4. Oh no that's not fair! I hope a new box with kitty toys and treats are on the way now :-)

  5. That's messed up. You should have gotten SOMEthing. Well, at least you got a new box, right?

  6. Yea! What did Wriggley get!?!?
    My mom got a big box today from somewhere called Bed, Bath, and Beyond. She said there was nothing for me and Cam, but like you, I jumped into the box! I just LOVE boxes!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  7. Huh? Nothing in there for you? What was your human thinking? Well, at least it's a good box.