Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thankful Thursday

I still sometimes have accidents in my sleep.
Mom doesn't care for me to sleep with her for that reason.  I will often wait until she is asleep and curl up on her.  The other night while I was cuddled on mom, I sort of had a pretty big accident...

 all over her blankie and legs/fleecy pants.
Mom knows I can't help it and she doesn't get mad (just maybe a little grossed out).
I'm thankful I can still relax here and know mom will always love me.
Even if she does chuck me off her at night.
 This time, mom had to be sure she was up on time for work so as soon as the alarm went off and she was just a little bit awake, she something was up.  She didn't waste any time getting up and getting cleaned up.
She was thankful for that at least.
And I only got her and the blankie...nothing went through to the bed.
Plus, I still don't sleep on her head :)


  1. Smidgen, I bet your human is thankful about your not sleeping on her head!

  2. Your mom always loves you no matter what! But I'm sure she likes that you don't sleep on her head... :-)

  3. Yes, it's probably best not to sleep on your Mom's head, Smidgen. The love you share is just beautiful.

  4. Accidents will happen! Aren't moms wonderful?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. This is Trixie and Lily! We started our new blog (in case you don't recognize our ID, that is why.) Moms are pretty patient, aren't they? We don't wet the bed much, but we both do barf in the bed... and Mama just cleans it up and lets us go back to sleep. And Sammy-Joe actually once puked in Gramma's ear while she was sleeping!

  6. Yer Mom is VERY tolerant... We think we wont test TBT that way.

  7. Your Mom loves you so much and she always will!!!

  8. Well, see? It was mighty considerate of you! :)

  9. So sorry that you have accidents - you are lucky to have such a loving mom.

    Pet lovers please check out my homeless cat blog archives for some informative posts and stories about the cat abandoned/feral colony I manage.

    Debby in Arizona