Thursday, April 2, 2015

This calls for pupcakes!

Hey everybuddy!
I had a special doctor's appointment today.
And you know what?
My check up went great and I got some pawsome results!
I told mom we needed to celebrate...
with pupcakes! will make these for me, right?
mmm...peanutty butter pupcakes!
Don't they look delicious?  I'm surprised I'm not drooling, bol!  But we gotta wait for them to cool.
 Okay, here we go!
So what'll you have?  Frosted or unfrosted?
One of each?
Good choice!
::nom nom nom::
Join me, won't you?  Just don't eat mom's fingers like I did, bol!


  1. We're glad you got good news from the vet, Wriggley....and those pupcakes look really nommy. You should get all of them!

  2. Gosh even MOMMY says those pupcakes look nommy!

    So happy you had a good report, Wriggley!

  3. Wow, cupcakes for dogs? I wish they made them for kitties too - but it's probably too many carbs for our system. Paws up for the good vet report!

  4. Congratulations on your good report, Wriggley! And hooray for Pupcakes!

  5. OOOOH! Are there any left?!?!? Can Cam and I come over?!? Those look incredible!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher