Sunday, March 29, 2015


Hey!  Something just tickled my furs!
What the?
There's a big hairy bug in my bed!
Mom, dancing around the bed and freaking out in general, yet still trying to get a picture...
"Smidgen, get the bug! Get the bug!  Eat it!
Wait...where are you going?!?"
Mom, now freaking because the bug has run across the bed and is in her blanket.  She grabs the blanket with two fingers and gives it a careful shake.  The bug falls out onto the floor.
Minnie, who was nearby sleeping in her pillow, has gotten up to see what the hullaballoo is about...
Say...there's a bug under the bed...
"Minnie, getthebug, getthebug, getthebug!!!"
What?  You expect me to go back in there?
Back in the bug-zone...
Hmmm...this is kinda boring...
I'm outa here!
And even an hour later...
Ack!  I can't believe that bug was in my bed...
This happened last night.  We aren't sure where the bug got to as mom was afraid to look under the bed, mol!  She did see a similar one on the wall as she was going to feed Wriggley this morning.  She didn't bother to get any of us involved and let the Kirbymonster out to eat it.  We are all hoping this was the same bug...


  1. You can eat it. Some of them taste like chicken!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. I woulda had so much fun chasin dat bug.

  3. Wow, you kitties don't know what you are missing! I would have been on that thing in a flash! Yum!

  4. LOL! Your mom us so funny trying to get picture while freaking out :-) I sure hope the bug the kirbymonster ate is the same bug you saw earlier...and no more bugs around!

  5. MOL! The same thing happens here. The mom sees a bug and tells us to get it. And we ignore it. She can get it herself!

  6. MOL MOL! I am a big bug hunter, so they don't last long here.

  7. We're taking Vegas odds that that bug is STILL INNA HOUSE!


  8. "Taste like chicken". Ha roo roo roo!!!
    Yours sincerely,

  9. We totally would have eaten that bug! Especially Moosey and Zoe. If you see another one, you should give it a taste, Minnie.