Monday, March 9, 2015



Well, this actually happened a coupla weeks ago an on a Thursday, but good blogging help is so hard to find around here ...
I always check the TV window in the morning for any good shows.  Mom was about to peek out too when there was a commotion on the fence just right outside the window.  Mom doesn't like it when the neighborhood cats come into our yard because they will sometimes stress us out.  She saw a furry body and was all set to go out and encourage this cat to leave.
Except it wasn't a cat!
Do you see?
Pawsome!  er...I mean 'possum!
hee hee!
There were two: a big one and a little one, maybe a baby, but the big one wasn't being very nice to it.  Mom had a hard time getting good pictures 'cause they were moving fast!
Then the big one shimmied up our tree.
S/he was like a little monkey running around on the branches.
Mom had to leave for work so she's not sure how or when they left.  At one point the big one found it's way onto the back fence and was running back and forth.  She was worried they'd find there way to Wriggley's part of the yard.  There are vishous dogs next door so hopefully they made it out of the neighborhood safely.  They were gone when mom got home.  So far this was just a one-morning special program on our TV network.  hee hee!


  1. Oh those possums are sneaky. We had one around here and it would come right up on our porch and eat the bird food. We wanted to get it so bad!

  2. Possum...potential stew? We'd eat that!

  3. I had no idea those guys climbed trees! They don't exactly look graceful.

  4. They can be really bold. One evening when the front door was open so we could sit by the screen door and whiff the air, one came walking right up the sidewalk! We hope they didn't bother Wrigley's part of the yard.

  5. OMC !!! Da Possum is so Fat !
    Amazing the tree branch doesn't break...MOL

  6. Oh wow, possum! That is such a great TV program! I've never really seen them. The photos on the tree are so cool. Didn't know they climb trees like that!

  7. Wow! That's so cool! Our mom saw one at the park but it was on a day where we didn't get to go with her!

  8. Dang, I've never seen one of those things up in a tree before!