Sunday, March 1, 2015

When life gives you carrots...

Gosh, you wouldn't believe the big bag of carrots mom brought home on Friday.  I mean, mom and I both really like carrots...ok, I LOVE carrots, but that's beside the point...but even for us there are an awful lot to eat, so it wasn't hard to convince mom to do some baking for me.
Mom put all of the ingredients together.
Do you see all of that leftover grated carrot?
I told mom she aught to double or at least make another half batch.
But no...
I was close by snoopervising, natch.
Since we were making little cakes, mom broke out the mini muffin
Hello Kitty, mom?  Really?!?
Anyhoo, mom filled the muffin tin and we were ready to put them in the oven.  We just have a little easy bake oven so we can only make a small tray at a time.
These don't take long to bake but you do have to wait until they cool to try one.  I thought it was pretty cheesy that mom went ahead and had one while they were still hot!  Yes, humans can eat these cakes too, as long as they don't mind that they aren't sweet.  Mom added some honey to the last bit of the batter to sweeten a few up for herself, bol.
Ahh, here we go...
Hurry up all ready!  unless you want a soggy bit of carpet...
::nom nom nom::
Even Minnie said they were good.  She cleaned up I let her have some of my crumbs.
After all of that plus some more baking today, we didn't even put a dent in the carrot bag.  Mom used up some carrots she got from work even before Friday.
I see a lot more home baked carrot cookies in my future, bol!
Have a good rest of the weekend, everybuddy!


  1. Those sounded excellent, Wriggley! What a great use for all of those carrots!

  2. mmmmmmmm!!! We'd like to try do we get the recipe?

    1. I hid a secret link to the recipe in the words mini canine carrot cakes, bol!

  3. My human and her boyfriend are big carrot cake fans too! And carrot juice. I'm surprised they haven't turned into carrots!

  4. Now that's a yummy way to sttart the day!

  5. How fantastic your mom baked carrot cake for you!
    It looks super yummy. I'd love to try some, too :-)

  6. We say that when life gives you carrots, use them to trap rabbits!