Sunday, June 21, 2015

Easy Sunday Catsup

Yello!  It's me...
It's that time of year when our mom gets busy, stressy, and generally crabby what with her work place an all.
I've gone back through the archives to see what we've been up to...
er...not too much...
We've been enjoying bird T.V. and even some lizard T.V.
5/24/2015: watching the bird channel
Napping on the catio.
And just enjoying the fresh air on the catio.
Do you notice anything behind me?
That's right!  There is nothing behind me.  Mom succeeded in killing the plants she had put in the little planter box.  Thankfully (for her...we don't even like peppers or tomatoes) the plants she put in pots are growing strong and there are a fair few tomatoes set.
Check out this pepper plant:
See the holes all over the leaves?  Leaf cutter bees did that!  They use the leaves to line there nests.  We checked our little mason bee house but we can't tell if that is where they are nesting.  Mom got a couple of new mason bee nests she is going to put our in our yard.
While mom was taking that picture, she saw this guy...
Praying mantis!
As soon as mom had the flashy box in his face, he made a hasty retreat to the boxwoods.
I tried to convince mom she aught to let me out to get a close look, but she never listens.
Some things never change!
In other news, Wriggley had a birthday earlier this month.  We all had to endure our town's annual Pioneer Wriggley Day Fireworks celebration.  They were right behind our house again this year!  Mom said they put on a great show.  We took her word since we couldn't see anything from under the couch/bed/closet, and judging by the noise, well...
Hollie has a birthday coming up next month.  Hey, from April through July we have a birthday a month!  I'm just a couple of months older than Hollie, so that makes her the youngest of us.
Besides mom not helping us post or visit, we're doin ok.  Hopefully we can get her back on track.
Have a great Easy Sunday, Everybuddy!


  1. Hi Minnie! Thanks for checking in, and for letting us know what you've all been up to. Happy belated birthday to Wriggley!

  2. Glad to hear you guys are doing good. Minnie, we know what you mean...we whine to go outside and the mom never listens to us either. Happy belated birthday to Wriggley. We hope your mom gets some relief from the crazies.

  3. My human is so bad with plants that she does not even bother anymore! At least she has not killed my nip garden... although she almost did when she turned off the sprinklers for one of our rare rain showers, then forgot to turn them back on. For weeks! Our front yard is very crusty right now, MOL!

  4. Oh I'm sorry for your mom that plant didn't survive! That's a great shot of praying mantis. Too bad you didn't get to have a closer look!
    Happy belated birthday to Wriggley!

  5. We're just relieved to see a post from you - we were getting worried!
    Fireworks behind the house? We're pretty tolerant, but that sounds like too much!
    Happy belated birthday to Wriggley!

  6. That last photo is priceless! Humans never listen when you ask for stuff like that. Good help is so hard to find!