Friday, September 25, 2015

Formerly Feral Friday

In case you don't know yet, my name is Sharpie.


Today is my one week gotcha-versary and my five week birfday!

I used to live under a pile of junk.  What?  You don't think that sounds like a very nice home?  Well, my momma had a pretty nice little den set up for us.  But then my momma thought we oughta move.  I'm not sure what happened in the packing and stuff but I was sorta left behind!  Yeah, that part was pretty scary.  Just me in the middle of nowhere, wondering where everybuddy had gone...A giant found me and helped me out.  A bunch of giants helped me, cleaned me up and stuff, and gave me something to eat.  Then this other giant took me away and brought me here.  Turns out this giant is my New Momma!  I guess my old home was at the same place where she worked.

I have a new den now and some friends to share it with.  They are nice to cuddle with and help keep me warm.  The little orinj mousie is fun to put the bitey on...but I don't think he minds.  What are friends for, right?

My den is even magical.  In the mornings, my New Momma closes me inside.  Then I feel kind of a weird sensation in my some bounces...but it isn't long before New Momma opens my den door and I'm at a new place!  I've gotten to meet alot of other giants this past week.  They seem pretty nice, and everybuddy says how cute I am.


What can I say?  It was a tough work week.

I am getting over my sniffles and I had an owie on my nose that is better.  I hope my kitty fambly is doing ok...and if my momma sees this, don't worry about me, k?  New Momma says she'll take good care of me and I'm safe.



  1. Hi ya, Sharpie! It's nice to meet'cha. We're glad that the giants found you after you were left behind because being on your own in a pile of junk wouldn't be very good.

  2. Nice to meet you, Sharpie! It sounds like you are having lots of adventures for such a little kitty!

  3. Okay, that last sentence made our biped cry....We're very glad you're safe now, Sharpie. We're sad that your litter mates and biological mom are not so fortunate, but at least you have hit the jackpot with your forever home. :-)

  4. Awww Sharpie, I'm so glad you got rescued by those kind giants! You are gonna enjoy a very happy new life with your new family :-)

  5. You are gonna love those giants sweet Sharpie!

  6. Sharpie, you got rescued by some really awesome giants! Your new fambly is the bestest of the best!

  7. Sharpie, you are just the cutest mini-kitcat!!!! We're so glad you're with your new family now! You have won the jackpot!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher