Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Toesday with Minnie

My pawsies and I are just hangin out...chillaxin...


We were up pretty late last night watchin some late-nite TV.  Yeah, there was an interesting dragonfly episode on the Bug Channel.  Mom had the window glass open on our big screen TV window and I could hear the dragonfly buzzing around right outside the screen.  I thought we ought to let it in but mom didn't agree.  Have we ever said she is a party pooper?


After a nice weekend of cool, fallish weather and not needing the cold air blowy machine, we are in for a week of temperatures in the hundred squillion degree mark.  Wriggley is still stayin in the house during the day.  For some reason mom had put one of his water bowls out in the front yard.  Wriggley likes to drink water fresh from the hose (mol) when he goes out there and mom just leaves it full of water.  Well, she's noticed that during the day, the birds are using it for baffs, mol!  So yeah, now she keeps it full for them :)  When it is really hot, the saucers we have in the backyard don't last the day.


Well, heat or not, I think it's time for my pawsies and I to see about gettin in some catio time before dinner.

Have a great rest-of-the-Toesday, everybuddy!


  1. Too bad your mom didn't let dragonfly in. Maybe next time :-)
    She is very sweet to keep the water bowl full for birdies. Happy Toesday!

  2. We've never seen the Dragonfly Show. We better check with our cable provider. We've had some pretty hot weather for the last week...but finally we're in for some cooler temps. Hopefully, we'll get the windows open again.

  3. Nice toesies, Minnie! That Dragonfly Channel is a good one, isn't it? We love that one here (although our mom and dad don't let them inside either ... hmph ... humans)! Big hugs to you all!

  4. I would do anything to have dragonfly TV! I hope it cools off soon - it's way too hot here too.

  5. You have beautiful paws, with those black undersides like Ashton's. The head peep can't resist those, ever!

  6. A dragon fly would be fun to have indoors with you!

  7. Oh, how we LOVE your toesies!!!