Monday, February 22, 2016

Mancat Monday

Ditto here!

This is how Sharpie and I spent at least part of our Easy Sunday...

We had to prove to momma that Caturday wasn't a fluke.

Do you know, we are real Mancats now!  Yes we are!  Almost two weeks ago now we had our special Mancat Tutoring, plus we each got a bionical chip implanted so our crazy kitten powers are even stronger.  tee hee!  Oh, the chip also has special powers to help us get home iffen we were to get lost.

Kind of a lot has been going on around here but every time we sit down to do a post, our meows seem to come out disorganized.  In case you are wondering about the rest of our fambly, Marble and Nugget have new forever homes now.  Marble left in November and Nugget in December.

I really missed Nugget.  We were good buds and I had a hard time being by myself.  See, Sharpie's being rescued even a coupla weeks ahead of the rest of us gave him a head start on better food an care so he has always been bigger.  You'd think he was older to see us together.

I am on the right and Sharpie is on the left


Sharpie on the left and I'm on the right.

But he sure missed out on learning how to play nice.  Momma worked real hard with our meal times and treats to help Sharpie be less of a jerk, mol!  The treat part was and still is great :)  I'd like to think I've even helped him learn how to play a little fairer.  Still, it has only been in the last few weeks that we could spend extended time together and this past weekend with the two of us cuddlin on momma sure made her happy.  It's nice to have a buddy again.  We both gotta say that the girlcats around here sure aren't any fun.

Speaking of fun...

Game on!


  1. Ditto, we bet before you know it, you be as big as...or bigger...than Sharpie. And then the game will really be on! :)

  2. Looking at you two, it's pretty amazing what a good home and nutrition can do for a kitty!

  3. We are so happy you two are settling in so well! Ditto, we know you're going to catch up to Sharpie, size-wise. And then, wrassling is going to be even MORE fun!

  4. There's no fair when it comes to food, MOL!

  5. ooh, congratulations on going through the rights of passage into mancathood..

  6. Concatulations on your tutoring ceremony ! Purrs

  7. You two Mancats are looking totally terrific!

  8. Glad your tutoring session went well - and that you got a chip. Did you get any salsa with that?
    You and Sharpie will be total lookalikes before you know it!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  9. Glad you boys are starting to bond. It is nice having a buddy and hopefully you will become really great buddies now that it is just you two boys and the girls